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Save the egg

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Dear Editor,

The eagle, our National bird, is very numerous and important to the economy in Alaska. While in Alaska the past July 2007, my wife and I went to a pavilion to see a show for the purpose of learning more about the Eagle.

The girl that explained many things about the eagle stood with a live eagle perched on her extended arm. An eagle only weighs eight pounds. They are all fluff.

At the end of her presentation she asked for questions from the many people who were sitting in front of her. I was standing behind everyone else. After taking many questions, she looked back at me and said "Sir, I know you have been wanting me to answer your question, however my arm is getting tired and I am going to quit." I could understand her problem.

I later saw her roaming in the pavilion and was able to ask my question. I asked her "Is there a penalty if one gets caught destroying the egg of an eagle?"

Se replied, "Oh, there is a big fine." I asked what the fine would be. Her response was it would be a bunch. I asked what a bunch would be. "I would guess somewhere between $12,000 to $15,000.

My reply to her, "That is interesting. It is against the law to kill the Unborn Eagle, but it is OK to murder the unborn child."

Her reply, "What?" I repeated what I had just said. Her reply, "I never thought about that."

Should our national bird's eff be destroyed? No! But it certainly shows our values are mixed up. How will you vote? I will vote to save the unborn child as well as the continued protection of the unborn eagle.

Keith L. Arterburn,

McCook, Neb.

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