Mid-Plains system ranks high in use of technology

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sometimes smaller is better.

That's especially true when it comes time to adapting to changing technology.

The Mid Plains Community College system is proving that, according to the Center for Digital Education's annual survey.

The survey, now in its 11th year, analyzes how community colleges improve services through innovative technology such as online courses and mobile environments, mobile apps, secure platforms and wireless networks.

MPCC ranked 10th in the survey in 2007 and second in the Small Colleges Category this year.

Some examples include a digital phone system replacing all analog lines, sending voice, video and data capabilities through a single network to minimize cost and maximize response time; electronic surveillance systems, door locks, cash registers and payments as well as digital signage, kiosks and biometric time clocks.

The MPCC website includes an eVideo server that allows staff and faculty to record or stream directly to the server, which then stores and organizes the videos, making content available through URL links; and the CampusWeb which offers everyone on campus a single point of access to web-based, self-service eLearning, communications and community-building applications.

With one login and password, constituents have 24/7 access to role-specific content from administrative records and reports to personal email and calendars, and a helpdesk where students and employees can request assistance with maintenance or technology issues.

Of course, all the bells and whistles in the world don't mean a thing if the right staff, curriculum and students aren't in place.

In this day and age, however, those students expect the basic electronic infrastructure to be in place. At small colleges like the Mid-Plains campuses, that infrastructure can be adopted in a more timely manner.

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