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Bill important for renewable energy

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dear Editor,

Even though I currently don't live in the state, I am a landowner and watch closely the happenings at the Unicameral. There is currently a bill being debated in the Natural Resource Committee that would streamline and accelerate the renewable energy business in Nebraska. Our Senator Dan Hughes is on this committee. The bill is LB 824, below is a brief summary of its importance.

* It simplifies a decades-old, complex and cumbersome regulatory environment that does not exist in other states and has frustrated energy development in Nebraska.

* It makes Nebraska more competitive in attracting significant 'private' investment for renewable energy projects.

* It will bring high paying, skilled jobs to some of our most rural communities.

* It provides meaningful tax relief and economic support to counties most in need of relief.

* It sends a powerful message to private development companies deciding where to locate jobs and investment in the Southwest Power Pool-RTO.

* It provides a mechanism, if needed, to address the possible impacts of the Federal Clean Power Plan upon the existing fossil fueled generation.

* It provides for the development of energy generation that does not require water consumption.

* It allows private developers to build privately financed projects for sale in the Southwest Power Pool.

* It does not target nor infringe on any rights of public power to develop, own or operate existing or future generation facilities.

It does not seek any tax incentives or abatements.

* It does not seek any change or additional renewable portfolio standard compliance by public power.

* It does not allow private developers to sell to retail customers in Nebraska.

I think this is an extremely important issue for Nebraskans and I encourage you to do your research and contact your state representative Hughes at dhughes@leg.ne.gov to voice your support.

Dave Malleck

Dallas, Texas

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