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Thursday, March 3, 2016

So I was asked to take an online survey today about my media preferences and such.

One of the questions I was, "List the top 3 television shows I watch most frequently." Before that question, I was zooming along answering all the questions with no extra thought but then when I read that one, I was stumped. Top 3 tv shows I watch the most ... uhhhhh??? Uuummmmm??? Why was it taking me so long to answer?

Oh I know, it's because I don't really HAVE favorite tv shows that I religiously get to watch anymore. There are certainly shows I WANT to watch but just don't have the option unless I come down with the flu and get the day off ... alone. Anyway, I couldn't even think of 3 tv shows to answer the question nonetheless ones that I watch most frequently.

I stopped and just stared at the screen blankly while my mind scrolled through the last few weeks, trying to remember tv shows I made a point to watch. Well, let's see, by the time the littlest is in bed and I finally get to retreat to the family room, Hubby already has the remote and is watching yet another rousing show about restoring cars.

Although, this last week, he's discovered a new science show about mysteries in the universe. Ooooo, exciting! One night I can handle, but after three or four, my brain is blowing up trying to solve the Bermuda triangle or why there are unexplainable blobs in the satellite images of Area 51.

Upstairs in the living room, my teenage girls are enthralled in another "realistic" episode of the Bachelor. That show is so pre-arranged it's not even funny and although, I've tried sitting and watching it with them, just to bond, ya know, I can't barely stomach all the fake romance lines that are clearly giving my daughters the wrong impression of young love. Or if the Bachelor isn't on, then it's either the Food Network which just makes me hungry and secretly wish I was married to a chef, or some Netflix drama with a bunch of single 20-somethings living the high life in a California beach town. Geesh!

My own bedroom is also off limits. Usually the 9-year-old has it claimed for her Disney shows by 8 p.m. because everyone else has pulled rank in the other tv rooms. And I'll be honest, I'd rather watch another Sasquatch sighting show or a crew of 10 year old chefs making dessert in under 30 minutes then to watch another silly Disney sitcom with its generous audience laughter tape and amazing one-liners.

Anyway, I did finally think of 3 shows, one that I set aside time to watch once a week and two that I catch only on rare occasions, like full moons and the year that Haley's comet passes by. But it took me a long darn time to think of 3 measly shows.

Gosh, 10 years ago, I could have listed 8 or 9 shows that I watched on a weekly basis and knew the latest about. Not anymore. I don't know what has happened, but somewhere along the years, ol' mom has gotten pushed to the end of the tv watching line. All I get now is to either join in on other's choices or pray I get sick and then the tv is all mine but in the middle of the day, the options aren't too wippy. I have my choice of People's Court, some infomercials or a 20 year old episode of Reba. Hmm? What do I do?!

Oh well, at least all my chickies and husband are home, safe and sound, most the time and under my wings. I suppose someday soon enough I'll get the tv to myself and I'll miss them filling each room and taking over the tvs. Guess its okay that I don't have any favorite tv shows right now.

I'll have to remind myself of that when Hubby forces me to watch another enriching hour of Flip My RV.

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