Lines blurred on local, world news

Monday, January 18, 2016

Newspapers tend to categorize news to help readers make sense of the world, and the Gazette gives local stories top priority for the simple reason most of our readers live here.

But today's communication and transportation have made it more difficult to categorize stories into the "local," "national" and "world" slots.

It's easy to find a local connection to one tragic story today, the terror attack in Burkina Faso on Friday.

One of the dead was Michael Riddering, 45, of Cooper City, Fla., who ran an orphanage and women's shelter along with his wife and four children, two of them adopted from Burkina Faso.

We know one of the children who lived in their orphanage while he finished his education.

That young man, "Barto" Yelkouni, recently married Tenielle Lytle of McCook. Riddering helped Tenielle obtain the medical help she needed while working in another orphanage in Burkina Faso, and Riddering's brother, as well as another national minister from Burkina Faso, attended the wedding in McCook.

Now expecting their first child, Tenielle and Barto live in San Diego, while Tenielle works in an orphanage across the border in Tijuana.

Riddering was typical of the people killed in the attack; six Canadians were killed while enjoying a dinner before returning from a humanitarian mission, four from the same family.

Others were Ukraine, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Portugal and Libya.

There should be no doubt that terror attacks like this one illustrate Western civilization is involved in an ultimate clash between good and evil.

Also close to home, but on a much lighter note, keep a sharp lookout for some of the props in "The Revenent," starring Leonard DiCaprio as legendary frontiersman Hugh Glass.

Set in 1823, the movie used six reproduction antique powder kegs created by Jim Gaster of Beaver Buckets near Indianola. Over the years, he has crafted thousands of authentic buckets and other wooden containers used in major motion pictures, museums and reenactments.

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