'Good Times Roll' at Keystone as well as Heritage Days parade

Friday, September 25, 2015

The sidewalk in front of the Keystone Business Center is a great place to watch the Heritage Days Parade.

This year's theme is "Let the Good Times Roll," and while that's going on outside at 10 a.m. Saturday, there are always a lot of "good times" going on inside the newly renovated downtown McCook landmark.

The McCook Economic Development Corp. notes that the Keystone is home to eight start-up and expanding businesses.

* The This or That Food Truck and Catering services operates out of the Keystone Business Center kitchen, helping McCook residents keep up with the food truck trend that's growing in larger cities.

* Adrianna Gass (Hagan) uses the Keystone as base for her photography business for kids, engagements and weddings in the area, with a studio on the second floor.

* Eyelets and More is a scrapbook and stamping store also offering mixed media art, classes and supplies.

* Engineering International leverages modern networking techniques to assemble specialized professionals for each task to create the highest quality designs at lower cost.

* Southwest Environmental Engineering has also partnered with Engineering International to provide professional environmental and civil engineering and construction support services.

* Copperstone Foods is working to develop and market food products such as Rowdy's Just Right Meat Seasoning which should be on the shelves soon, as well as a carefully seasoned sunflower seeds and beef jerkey -- but much of the latter is finding its way to men and women in the service.

* 20/20 Technologies offers high-end computer, telecommunications and IT service and support, experiencing growth in the K-12 market.

And those are just the current projects.

Enterprises that were nourished in the Keystone and have since moved on to new locations and opportunities include Chipperfield Ag Erectors LLC, Larisa O'Brien Photography, Kim Boardman to All Seasons Counseling, New Frontier Ag LLC and others.

Find out more about the Keystone Business Center and follow links to othe McCook Economic Development Corp. activities at http://bit.ly/1QD3C3r

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