Celebrating season of new, renewed life

Friday, April 18, 2014

Despite drought conditions, not many of us were all that thrilled to experience last week's snowstorm, especially those who were trying to travel.

We could take solace from the fact the April snow wouldn't last long, and we're now being rewarded with lawns that are greening up quickly, bulbs sprouting to break the crust in flower beds and trees have the green tinge that signifies leaves almost ready to appear.

It's time for the earth to come back to life -- a topic that is somehow a central theme in popular culture, from the new Resurrection television series to countless zombie and vampire shows -- who knew Abraham Lincoln had time to kill them, what with the Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation and all?

But popular culture is coming late to the game -- for thousands of years Christians have worshipped a man who brought more than one person back from the dead, came back himself and promises to bring back millions of his followers sometime in the future.

It's appropriate that a film with local ties, "Heaven is for Real," is premiering this week, the true story of an Imperial boy who came back from the brink with stories about angels and detailed descriptions of relatives he had never met and didn't know even existed.

Popular culture aside, this season is an important time for all of us to celebrate new and renewed life, especially those who follow the Christian faith.

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