Letter to the Editor

Hunting big cats

Friday, February 7, 2014

Dear editor,

I couldn't help but notice the hub-bub over hunting big cats in Nebraska. It is a big season in the Blackhills every year, and I have even seen recipes printed in the Rapid City Journal. Do we normally eat carnivores?

Some here questioned what Ernie Chambers could possibly know about mountain lions.

You can dislike Ernie, and I am fine with that. However, I wouldn't question his knowledge of any subject he takes on.

I would imagine he read enough, and has enough stats that I could feel comfortable in saying that he probably has already forgotten more about the sport of mountain lion hunting than most of us will ever know. We can despise the message, but why the messenger?

Here is another's perspective (click here).

Bruce Hoffman,

McCook, Nebraska

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