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Embarrassment for Nebraska

Monday, December 16, 2013

Dear Editor,

The Omaha World Herald published an editorial from you newspaper this week titled: "Payne's Nebraska boosted state's economy and profile." I have lived in Nebraska for over 25 years now, call it home, saw the movie and disagree with your premise that it boosted our profile.

While the initial influx of actors and support folks for the filming of the movie certainly boosted the economy of northeast Nebraska, the movie overall, portrayed a dismal, gloomy picture of Nebraska.

Filmed in what appeared to be late fall or early winter, the landscape was drab, bare, desolate. Of course, the black-and-white film didn't help. Furthermore, the choice of characters gave the impression that Nebraska is populated by a bunch of backwoods, "hick" people. And, the small-town image and portrayal of Nebraskans and the towns most of us live in was an embarrassment.

Nebraska is a beautiful state, especially in the late spring months when we emerge from the dead of winter and life begins anew. Our great assets, not portrayed in any of Payne's films, are the beautiful Sand Hills and the areas around Fort Robinson. Don't throw out the big city conveniences (arts, sports, theater, etc.) you find in Omaha. Furthermore, we have a rich heritage resulting from the wagon trains that gathered in Omaha, forged across the Plains and helped build our nation.

The film Nebraska perpetuates the "fly over" state mentality most of the nation not familiar with Nebraska have.

And, I doubt the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce would highight this movie to induce tourism. Until we change our image, we will continue to miss opportunities to grow.


Scott Risch

Omaha, Nebraska

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