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No place to hide

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Dear Editor,

OBAMACARE -- Rightly named The Abominable Collectivist Act.

The political elites responsible for allowing this Machiavellian monstrosity to continue should be called by that name they so richly deserve -- Marxists. A Democrat is supposedly one whose concern is the temporal needs of the people. A Republican is supposedly dedicated to free enterprise and the preservation of the nation. However, both Democrat and Republican enterprises have morphed into a Monolithic Party of Government, whose sole purpose is to concentrate power and increase its scope over the people. The two parties are now, in both rhetoric and deed, anathema to the limited government precepts ordained by our Constitution.

The ruling class are a cabal of beggars, braggarts, brigands, busybodies, poltroons and quislings -- all addicted to power, and each indifferent to the bold work necessary for preserving us a free republic. They fear the people, but not sufficiently so to right our ship of state -- which they will happily crush upon the rocks, as long as they get to stand atop the wreckage. Their pathology has neither honor, nor remorse, nor shame, nor cure.

For their perpetual reckless disregard, these two entrenched political dinosaurs should suffer extinction. The leaders should be imprisoned ... for treachery against the Constitution and The Bill of Rights in particular ... for destroying America's industrial might and independence in favor of job-killing "globalism" ... for subverting those moral principles that made our nation a beacon of goodness, hope and prosperity ... for undermining our economic freedom by manipulating and devaluing our currency, and destroying our fiscal solvency ... and for their surrender of our sovereignty in capitulation to foreign invaders. No individual, or party of individuals, could be so stupid by accident. Such repeated and extensive acts of delinquency, malfeasance, and perfidy require malice aforethought. Our circumstance is born not of incompetence, but is the fruit of treason.

The ongoing actions of our corrupt federal government must be regarded as treason because, in bombarding us with unrelenting salvos of tyrannical acts, each of which attack the heart of our individual freedoms -- big government has made war upon the American people. We are being divided, isolated and culled through an increasingly aggressive process of statist attrition against the individual. This is the method of Marxism.

American Liberty is being extinguished by the machinations of a toxic elitism no less despotic then that which any student of history should well recall: an insufferable indifference to the Rights of the citizen; an arrogant defiance of the supreme law, and; an extensive network of militaristic preparations that suggest intent to do grave harm to the people. All these omens we have known before, we should not think them less belligerent because we have the Constitution. Our ancestors also had the benefit of supreme law -- The Magna Carta. However, that revered compact, supposed to protect the Rights of Englishmen, did not impede the tyrannical designs of the ruling class. Americans fought a War of Independence to cast off such perverse overlords. Yet, we willingly again suffer the same endless litany of insult and injury, so to retain our imagined comforts? We are now being seduced to accept the weight of our chains, which our so-called leaders are busily forging under the pretense of helping us cope with life's problems.

At some point we will have no place to hide. Our comforts will betray us, and slavery shall be our lot. Let us call a spade a spade, let every man be armed, and let us rise to the occasion before the wolves we trust to govern us rather decide it in their best interests to devour both us and our posterity. Time is short. Duty calls. If we fail to act decisively, history proves that symptoms such as OBAMACARE will be the least of our problems.

Bruce C. Desautels

Stratton, Nebraska

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