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'Grannie Annie' says thanks

Monday, December 2, 2013

Dear Friends in Southwest Nebraska,

Thank you thank you! for the great support you gave me in my Adopt-A-Chaplain project.

This was a fun year starting out; I was only going to send to one chaplain but I soon had three and then I ended up with five!! No problem, through your generosity I had money and items to handle them all.

We sent this year 206 boxes and we did this in four packings. I had 60 people helping me this year, with some of them helping 2, 3 and 4 times.

A great team of volunteers. We even laughed a lot! and like I told them "I'm the Boss" and they even laughed at that!

People from all over the country sent me money, ones I didn't even know and it is still happening. I will continue to send more packages after the first of the year as I know our deployed soldiers always like packages from home.

I am still sending thank you cards to people but I know I am missing several names as once in a while someone would hand me money and I would forget to write their names down or things were left on my porch without a name. So THANK YOU for your support.

It is exciting now, I am getting e-mails from the Chaplains that they have received many of the boxes and just love them. They send a big "Thank You to Everyone."

I am so blessed by this community. You make my heart swell with pride.

God Bless

Ann Trail

aka Grannie Annie

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