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It is what it is

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dear Editor,

As members of the highest group of beings, "homo sapiens," we have been blessed with the gift of language to communicate with each other, through "words," the reality of what our senses tell us about the reality that exists outside of ourselves in this universe that we inhabit.

One of the modern instinctive metaphysical expressions of our time is "It is what it is."

As rational human beings, we are able to use "precise concrete words" to explain the object or matter referred to here. For example, "This hose is black," or "This horse is white," etc. etc. However, if I said, "This horse is not black," or "This horse is not white," when, in fact, they are both black and white, and each "is what it is," namely, black and white, then I now stand in conflict with what is real.

And so when a senator gets up on the floor and speaks about the "Employment Non-discrimination Act (ENDA), which would forbid discrimination because of "sexual orientation," what they are really not saying and avoid saying is that, what we are really talking about here is discrimination because of "sexual dis-orientation" "It is what it is."

Likewise, the senators speak of discrimination due to "gender identity." Once again, the attempt is to avoid the reality of the God-created two genders and suggest that we now accept that which would be more accurately identified as "trans-gender identities, or re-gender identities," or dis-oriented identities."

Words have meaning and should reflect the truth of what they are meant to denote. The world around us "is what it is," and the beings around us "are what they are." We may obfuscate deliberately in our use of words or we may be limited in our ability to express through words the truth of what is out there.

But, before words were invented, truth was always out there, waiting to be mined and embraced by those who are willing to work hard at it.


J.G. McHale

McCook, Nebraska

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