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Very blessed

Friday, November 8, 2013

Dear Editor,

I don't know where to begin saying how blessed I am to live in such a wonderful community of people.

I am truly thankful for being here still after my accident to see such awesome beauty in people.

I am thankful for every day that I spend with my children. God shows me in so many ways that there are wonderful individuals out there who give back to others, especially when they aren't expecting it.

This is a month of thanks for everyone and we should remember those who give and we need to follow in God's path by giving to others in any way possible. The smallest of kindness can go such a long way for some and make the biggest difference in their lives.

I would like to thank Dion Hancock, Eric Skeen, Abel Acosta of CTE Construction and Alfonzo and Hugo of AA Roofing for the kindness you passed on to me by repairing my porch roof. That porch is one of the main reasons I bought our home a few years ago. I don't know how I could ever repay you, but I will pay it forward to others in many ways.

You are all such a blessing! A special thanks to "Lollipop" for her kindness in putting this in motion (from what I'm told by the anonymous individual).

I've only met Lollipop once in my life and she is someone very special. And to this "anonymous" individual, you are one of a kind. In your own way, you show such kindness to others and make such a difference in my life. My children think the world of you and so do I. So this month, I ask everyone to remember why we are here, show that we care for others, do what we can to make someone's life a little brighter. If we all do this, there will be so many smiles on the faces of everyone in this community and God will smile on us.

Jenny Ryan

McCook, Nebraska

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