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What I wish my girls would hear ... continued

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Last week I mentioned that although, I know my girls' hear my voice; I also know they tune out most of what I'm saying. When I try to relay to them "words to live by," they nod their heads but I doubt any more than a small percentage is actually retained. But oh how I wish they would really hear me, really take some of what I say and apply it. What I want them to hear is the things that matter. Things that could make their lives better.

For instance, to my 11 year old:

Go outside and play! You love being outside, always have. Put down the iPad, shut off the Disney channel, and go run around. If it's hot, play in the water. If it's cold, dress warm and ride your bike, but wear your helmet. Shoot hoops, race your remote control car, or play hide 'n seek.

Don't give up on drawing. You're a natural born artist with a great imagination. Think outside the box, color outside the lines, try not to get frustrated if it's not perfect, just call it "abstract".

Listen to classical music. Listen to oldies songs, folk music, bluegrass or Irish bagpipes. Give classic country a try, even if you think my George Jones music is dumb. Broaden your musical horizons.

Keep playing the keyboard. Learn new songs, make up your own. Maybe take piano lessons someday.

I know you think you're short and skinny but you're perfect. You're active, healthy, and just the right size. I love you just the way you are. You'll have enough years coming up to critique yourself, don't start now.

Please don't compare yourself to your older sister. I know that's hard, but you are unique with your own gifts and abilities and traits. Be proud of them and celebrate your differences.

Thank you for always playing with your little sister. She adores you and the bond you're creating is something no one can ever break. Your friends will come and go but your sister will be there for life.

Thank you for always sticking up for other kids who aren't as sociable or well adjusted. You have a kind heart. Never lose that, it's a rare quality that not everyone is blessed with.

Keep asking questions. Your whole life you've always asked why or how. Never keep researching how things are made, why things happen or what if. Don't take things "as is". Always want to know more.

Cut yourself some slack. I know you want to win, get all A's and don't want to make mistakes but life is full of mistakes and that's what makes you grow and improve. Don't be so hard on yourself. Be resilient! Accept the challenges.

Keep dancing when you hear a good beat. Don't let your older sister's embarrassment stop you. You're a born entertainer and a pretty darn good dancer, so don't be shy and enjoy the song!

Never lose that witty and funny side of you. Your sarcasm and quick comebacks are classic. One of the many things I love about you and glad you inherited from your wacky family.

Be proud of your beautiful blue eyes and blond hair. So what if the rest of us in the house look different. More evidence of the great family you came from. Be proud to stand out and blame me, I use to wish for a blond haired, blue eyed baby and God gave me you.

Give me more hugs. Give your dad more hugs. Good, hard hugs, not the wimpy kind. Not just at bedtime but anytime, random times. Trust me, it does us both a lot of good.

Never stop praying. Not just at dinner or bedtime but all the time. Pray for what you'd like, what you need or just to say thank you. Build your relationship with Him. He loves you too.

Finally....always be proud of who you are, be confident. You're an amazing girl with big dreams and a lot of talent. Never lose faith in yourself or in what you can achieve.

What I Wish My Girls Would Hear Continued Next Week ...

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