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Farmers Market to open

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dear Editor,

I am excited to get the Farmers Market up and running again this year.

The market will be located in the Sears parking lot at the Westview Plaza again this year. It was a very successful location last year.

Harold Pierson will be sponsoring us. As in the past, there is no charge to bring your product to set up and sell to the public.

Many gardeners and farmers have already planned their gardens in preparation for the market. The market is not just for growers, but open to baked goods such as bread, cookies, muffins, cakes, rolls and fruit pies. No cream pies or baked goods that will require refrigeration will be allowed. Inspected meat vendors must be approved and provide refrigeration.

Items offered for sale must be home grown or home baked products or home made crafts. Last year, we had up to 20 different vendors selling various kinds of fruits, vegetables, jam, honey and fall products including straw bales, pumpkins, decorative gourds and corn stalks.

We will open Saturday, July 6, at 8 a.m. and close at noon or when produce is sold out. A note to you customers out there: the best product tends to disappear quickly so the earlier you shop the better. There is no preregistration, just show up and find an empty spot and I will visit with you some time during the morning to get your information.

For more information, call Deb Petty at (308) 345-6366 or (308) 340-0095. A big thank-you to all who make the Farmers Market a success.


Deb Petty,

Farmers Market


McCook, Nebraska

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