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Enjoyed play

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dear Editor,

It was great privilege to attend a dress rehearsal for the upcoming musical, "South Pacific." I would like to express both my thanks to be invited and my delight over the musical. It was performed with great expertise and the talent displayed in the direction of the play, the music, the sets, and the dancing were done with excellence.

I was especially pleased to see great friends from my past such as Marie Coffey, who herself is an inspiration. To see my former students Janet Hepp and Charles Coleman who have made me very proud, and many other former students and friends was such a privilege.

McCook has always stood out in its exceptional level of entertainment and love the of the Arts.

I highly recommend all to attend this stellar production of South Pacific.

Special thanks to Don Harpst, the wonderful director, and Janet Hepp, assistant director.


Ken Ganesbom

Carroll, Nebraska

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