Truth trumps

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dear Editor,

(Jan. 25) being the 40th anniversary of the infamous decision of "Roe v. Wade" whereby our United States government made it legal to execute by extreme torture, too ghastly to describe here, all in the name of, and adjudicated on the basis of, not on equal rights to life by both mother and child, but rather, on the superior rights of a mother to "choose" to have her child "eliminated," ostensibly to maintain her health.

What might we conclude about the ramifications of this profound decision as we look back over our history since it became legal. With a little reflection, we can surely see that the effects are legion. Corruption of any kind leads to corruption of other kinds. One immoral act leads to countless other immoral acts. Satan is the "Great Liar."

Once a person or the government lets him in, once he gets a foothold, he's "off to the races" and spreads his venom and poison by using war and its devastation of men and countries, crime, guns and mass executions, suicides, video games, pornography, fiscal cliffs, the pitting of the rich against the poor, government attack on religious liberty, acceptance of gay and lesbian marriage, sexual molestation of children entrusted to public institutions by people in authority; likewise the raping of men and women of lower rank by higher-ranked officers in our military, election of people to public office who prove to be "self-serving" or "hypocritical" and always ready to "cover up" the inadequacies or failures of those who serve with them in public office and have been negligent in their duties.

Now is a lot for Satan to have on his plate, but he's a lot smarter than we are (remember, he's a fallen angel), and for him it's "No problem!" However, we know that truth always trumps over lies, and that Satan is eventually going to lose his war against us and our government.

In the meantime, we need to continue to pray for our poor brothers and sisters who have succumbed to "Satan's big lie," both those who adjudicated the Roe v. Wade decision and those poor deluded people and doctors who inhabit our "abortion factories" and do the government's "dirty work."


James G. McHale,

McCook, Nebraska

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