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The consequence of mass hypocrisy

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dear Editor,

We live in a nation where human life is made cheap: where God is shunned from the public eye; where narcissism is encouraged, and modesty and virtue mocked; where bad behavior is ignored and excused; where the banal and the profane are celebrated; where human interaction is replaced by the indifferent solitude of electronic gadgetry; where our children are fed a continuous diet of evil from every corner -- and where, if they act like boys and girls, they are "normalized" with psychotropic drugs that alter their personalities, magnify feelings of rage, and induce suicidal thoughts. We live in a nation where the inconvenient and the "defective" are destroyed and disposed of; the elderly and sick "voluntarily" euthanized. Those moral absolutes, which once served us well, are now disputed and dismissed as foolish; so, welcome to the results -- we reap what we sow.

The slaughter that unfolded at Sandy Hook Elementary School is more than "tragic" ... it is the consequence of refusing Wisdom. The tragedy is that in reporting and discussing this unfathomable crime, none of the above will be considered; but rather, from the political class and the lapdog media, there will come only demands to further restrict our natural freedoms.

The hypocrisy of the political class and media elite is stunning. They display shock over a mass shooting of toddlers, yet applaud of the same consequence when practiced in a "health clinic" by the abortionist. They will mandate we citizens pay for contraception and the murder of the unborn, so to eliminate "unwanted" children from society -- and even legislate that a child who survives abortion be denied medical attention and left to die (as did Barack Obama while an Illinois senator). They will sanction that a baby be dragged feet-first from the womb, have its brains evacuated, its skull crushed, and its intact corpse sold off for medical "research" -- and then act repulsed when the same atrocity is committed against children a few years older. The political class promotes and promulgates infanticide, the media praise the mindset, and then both expect that we should think sincere the tears they shed over the massacre in Connecticut -- which culturally is of their making.

We suffer from an inversion of principles. Americans have always possessed firearms; so it is not the presence of guns, but rather the absence of morality that afflicts us. More pointedly it is government's diminution and abolishment of morals, and its banishment of religious expression from the Public Square, while enticing and rewarding behaviors that bring systemic corruption.

Americans elect leaders who prefer perpetual victims, and then we act surprised with the results! Those who institute "gun free zones" for "our protection" would impose these same "controls" upon all civil society -- and we would obtain the same outcome on a mass scale. Note I use the word "civil;" i.e.: law abiding. It is not the gun, but the intelligence acting behind the gun. It takes a special kind of stupid to believe that those bent on violating the law will respect such restricting firearms. So "gun control" controls none but those who need no control -- thus in truth it is disarmament our leaders seek; but, who will protect us and our children from them? In our sick nation, the political class consists of: sociopaths, who lie and manipulate without conscience; and elitist oligarchs, whose agenda is the consolidation of power. Do Americans want to make our enslavement an easier operation for them to accomplish? If we allow emotions to suppress reason, then that result is certain.

The Bill of Rights is an enumeration of the inalienable freedoms that come from God, including the right to self-defense -- both as individuals and corporately. The arresting of tyranny is the reason for the Second Amendment to our Constitution -- the supreme Law of the land, which our so-called leaders disdain and habitually ignore. The 'Right to Keep and Bear Arms' was not established for the benefit of "sports shooting," but for the primary purpose that the citizens possess the final "check and balance" on government power. We maintain this right so that we may defend ourselves from our government, if need be. This Right is never a matter of "relevance" any more than tyranny; but rather a matter of human nature, which does not change from century to century. Good and evil will always be with us, just as day and night. Recall that evil is not an entity to itself, but the absence of good -- just as darkness is the absence of light. History proves that where the people are disarmed, genocide follows. The problem is not one of too many guns, but one of too few morals, situational ethics, and the banishment of faith from the Public Square.

I end this letter with a quote from Benjamin Franklin: "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both."

Bruce C. Desautels

Stratton, Nebraska

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  • Merry Christmas, and Thank You, Bruce, for words crying out for airing of Truth. No one seems to say what I call the malady, epidemic in our Society, IMO, especially in our Governmental leadership, 'Insanity.' It seems to now be nearing 'Full Bloom.'

    History, if it is still around, will not be kind to this last few years.

    -- Posted by Navyblue on Tue, Dec 18, 2012, at 10:37 PM
  • Speaking of guns and moral values - what have you got to say about the slaughter of the Native Americans Bruce? Many of those so called Christians were a part of that Christian Crusade to rid the country of the Heathens as they were often called. Where were the Moral Values you speak of? As far as I know, Genocide is not endorsed by the Bible or God.

    How about all the tens of thousands of clergy that have been implicated in sexual child abuse? How are we to believe in a religion that consistently turns a blind eye towards those entrusted to lead that religion?

    Christianity and its elevated level of hypocrisy are as much to blame for the condition of our country as any other acts by man. Misleading people into believing that repentance for their sins will somehow clean the slate and allow them to begin anew, is just pure Hogwash in my opinion. If a person knows the difference between right and wrong and chooses the wrong choice anyway, they must be willing to carry the burden that comes with that choice.

    -- Posted by Geezer on Thu, Dec 20, 2012, at 12:04 PM
  • Well said, Bruce. Well said.

    -- Posted by TrailMix on Thu, Dec 20, 2012, at 12:57 PM
  • *

    A wise man has something to say ... A fool has to say something. Never argue with a fool.

    -- Posted by Bruce Desautels on Thu, Dec 20, 2012, at 10:30 PM
  • Freedom of speech and the right to bear arms both come with responsibilty. Yet you find only one of these accountable?

    It never ceases to amaze me that people can take a tragic incident and link it to their own political ideals by blaming everyone else but the individual committing the acts.

    Yeah, it's Obama's fault that person took a gun and killed all those poor children......

    The media and politics did not put the gun in that kid's hands, kill his mother, the students, the staff, and then himself.

    -- Posted by bberry on Tue, Dec 25, 2012, at 8:13 AM
  • bberry,

    See the post above your's.

    -- Posted by Dudley Dawson on Tue, Dec 25, 2012, at 8:57 PM
  • I'm flattered you'd call me wise.

    -- Posted by bberry on Wed, Dec 26, 2012, at 4:18 PM
  • JoAnn,

    I believe it is Lanny you are mistaking me for.

    Though, you never could get your facts straight.

    Your quote is funny though, because just the other day a was listening to a self proclaimed republican informing us how much he liked being on WIC and food stamps. Not much later he was telling us about the new truck he bought.

    -- Posted by bberry on Thu, Dec 27, 2012, at 6:23 AM
  • Here you go JO, this should clear up any confusion.


    I am guessing you are a conservative grandmajo. In that case I grant you wish and will go back to the past ways. Now that we have you no longer have a voice that matters, so no need to respond. You also need to get off the internet and go bake and clean. Also, now you don't have to take the time to vote or go to work (if you still do).

    The last three sentences in that paragraph where in reference to the first two.

    How you fail to see that is beyond me.

    -- Posted by carlsonl on Mon, Nov 28, 2011, at 5:48 PM"

    -- Posted by bberry on Thu, Dec 27, 2012, at 6:42 AM
  • That's ok JoAnn I didn't figure you'd have much of a rebuttal.

    -- Posted by bberry on Thu, Dec 27, 2012, at 4:25 PM
  • Yet you still make an effort for it to be known. Whatever you say Jo.

    -- Posted by bberry on Fri, Dec 28, 2012, at 1:52 AM
  • Everything Bruce writes is 100% correct. Our society has removed humanity out of our human experience. How is it even possible that any human can look at another human, especially a child, and not see that person as a fellow human. Easy answer, abortion.

    Our society made life, children, disposable. The murderer at Sandy Hook Elementary was a particularly troubled person. By all accounts he feared he was about to be institutionalized by a mother. A mother he viewed as not worthy to live. Where else do we see this view, abortion. The murderer then went to the school where his mother worked as a kindergarden class aid, and murdered those children. Children he viewed as less than human, where else do we see this, abortion clinic.

    Yes, we are reaping what we sowed. Why, because good people became weak.

    -- Posted by Dudley Dawson on Mon, Dec 31, 2012, at 7:18 AM
  • Now for Geezers comment. The word "Christian" means follower of Jesus Christ. Nowhere in the Holy Bible does Jesus advocate genocide. Nowhere does He advocate forced conversions. Nowhere does He advocate child molestations. Nowhere is He hypocritical. No real Christian can do these things and call themselves Christian.

    And yes, one can repent, accepting Christ as their Savior, and be fully forgiven of their sins. We as Christians are also to forgive as well. To not do so, is prideful.

    -- Posted by Dudley Dawson on Mon, Dec 31, 2012, at 7:29 AM
  • That is the worst reasoning I've seen yet. I'm sure this is what the shooter was thinking. Hey abortion is ok, I'm going to go shoot a school for of kids.

    Tell that to the people who lost their children.

    You cannot turn partial truths into sweeping generalizations no matter how hard you try.

    I'm honestly not even sure how you could rationalize this.

    -- Posted by bberry on Mon, Dec 31, 2012, at 8:32 PM
  • Well bberry, if you have a better grasp of the situation, let's hear it. Otherwise you are just noise, meaningless static.

    For the parents of the children murdered, all questions have been answered except the "why?". Why would any human walk into a school full of children and feel they their live are of less value than you? Where does that thought possibly come from? Where does the belief that children are of lesser value than the adult? What is the result of a belief system that promotes children are a mere inconveniences? If you can, please answer.

    The events that lead to mass murder are the sins God speaks of when societies sacrifice children for their own pursuits of life. Someone becomes disposable.

    -- Posted by Dudley Dawson on Tue, Jan 1, 2013, at 9:28 AM
  • If it's meaningless static then we appear to be in the same boat.

    I don't pretend to know why he did it, but why you would pretend to beats me.

    But go ahead, tell them it's society's fault their children are dead. I'm sure they'll understand.

    -- Posted by bberry on Tue, Jan 1, 2013, at 6:46 PM
  • I'm not pretending. I will not tell anyone my conclusions unless asked or challenged. Given the time passed, rational thought is becoming apparent, both bystander and victim.

    -- Posted by Dudley Dawson on Tue, Jan 1, 2013, at 7:39 PM
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