Letter to the Editor

A great effort for a worthy cause

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dear Editor,

Congratulations to the young man who is so diligently saving pop top tabs for the Ronald McDonald Home in Omaha.

This is a place where families may stay when they have a sick child in the hospital. The McCook Methodist Church and Central Elementary have collaborated on this project for several years. I encourage everyone and every place with pop machines to take a few seconds to pop that tab off and put it in a bag or jar. You would be welcome to bring them to the Methodist Church or my house when you have a bag full. When there is an ample supply, I take them to Omaha. On my last delivery, I visited with the manager and she said they count on these tabs to pay their heating/cooling bill for one year. That cost averages $18,000. (No, that is no typo-eighteen thousand dollars!) So, please contribute to a worthy cause. It doesn't cost you anything beyond what you've already paid for!

Evie Caldwell,

McCook, Nebraska

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