Mail voting proves popular

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

While the political parties wrangle over the requirement that voters show some form of identification at the polls, more and more Nebraskans are taking advantage of a chance not to go to the polls on election day at all.

Of the 804,245 people who voted in Nebraska during the Nov. 6 general election, nearly 26 percent voted early, according to Secretary of State John Gale.

That means 207,741 people voted early, compared to 595,284 who went to the polls. We have no doubt the convenience of early voting contributed to the turnout of 69.1 percent, just shy of Gale's initial prediction of 71 percent.

"While most Nebraskans still like the tradition of voting on Election Day, there is no question that early in-person or mail-in balloting is gaining favor," Gale said. "It's a convenience that busy people appreciate."

Good voter turnout is a good thing, as long as the voters are informed and wise enough to make the right decision. Mail-in balloting has the advantage of giving voters longer to think about their decision, insulated somewhat from last-minute campaign shenanigans.

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