Letter to the Editor

Thanks, McCook!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dear McCook Community,

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for your great support in my project in sending Christmas boxes to our troops.

You have been outstanding this year with all the items and the money I was given to send the boxes.

This year we sent 111 boxes. Starting the middle of January, I will be sending several a week. They will always need hand and foot warmers and this I can supply them with. I am in no need of candy! I think I could supply McCook with this item! The troops will probably need dental work when they come home!

Many boxes were on my porch with no name on them so I am unable to send you a thank you note. So Thank you for your support.

The units I am sending to are not in a very good area. I know they enjoy getting things from home. I make sure a lot of things say McCook, Nebraska, on them.

I had great help in packing this year. If I didn't call you to help, I forgot where I wrote your name. Sorry, Senior moments are happening more all the time !!

Again THANK YOU, I am truly blessed by this great community.

Ann Trail

McCook, Nebraska

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