Letter to the Editor

The truth hurts

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dear Editor,

Sen. Nelson, deigning to answer a peon like me in his Oct. 18 letter, must've been punctured by the facts of my previous letter. The truth hurts, doesn't it, Ben?

We here on the Left Coast get our news on time, thank you.

His birthing of Obamacare doesn't dispel the reality that it'll become unsustainable in a few years, just like Social Security and Medicare, which are on life support. All three programs were concocted by liberal dreamers to perpetually buy the votes of the citizenry.

Contrary to Senator Nelson's assertion that drug costs for seniors have decreased under Obamacare, my prescription drug costs have increased every year. As for putting "kids" on their parents' insurance plans until age 26, why stop there? Put these middle-age "kids" on their parents' policies until they're 50!

I'm sure that'll save money.


Thomas Kope,

Baldwin Park, California

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