Letter to the Editor

Tragic memories

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dear Editor,

It seems like a week does not go by and I can read in the paper about some one being charged with DUI.

What bothers me sometimes is there will be a plea agreement and the charges are reduced to a lower charge and this bothers me and it always will.

In 1979, I was living with my girlfriend, and she was after me for a very long time that we should get busy and get married, so on the New Year's Eve she told me that she was pregnant with our child, so we were very excited, and I told her that we would get busy and get married.

She then went to a 24-hour-store to get some ice cream, but she never returned, for a sheriff knocked on my door to inform me she was in a car accident and was pronounced dead.

He then further explained to me that (the other driver) was driving a big truck and was going so fast that he had pushed her into a tree and that he survived.

It is taught to us in the Bible to forgive and forget, but it took me more than 20 years to forgive, but up to this day, I can not forget.

Last Sunday I was watching the CBS Sunday morning show and there was a segment on "test kitchens," well they had a grocery store that was a test store and I was shocked to see that you can by wine by the glass, and you can drink it while you shop, and this is an 8-ounce glass. This may not seem like a lot alcohol, but it is enough to where they are promoting driving and drinking.

This really upset me very much. Some people say "well I only had just one glass" or "well it was just two beers," no matter how much alcohol you consume, in my eyes it is still drinking and driving and instead of giving people a plea agreement, why not just punish them to the max?

For our young people see this as a slap on the wrist and so they think it is OK, for there won't be too much of a punishment, so maybe some judges and lawyers will read this and change their minds and punish.

Thank you.

Kevin Dunn,

Holbrook, Nebraska

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