Time to deal with the dents

Thursday, August 18, 2011

So you've sprung for a new vehicle, you've maintained it religiously, washed and waxed it with care.

But it turned out all for naught when your pride and joy got caught in the parking lot last Tuesday, Aug. 9, when one of the worst hailstorms in memory tore through parts of McCook.

The same goes for your house, which was exposed to whatever happened to fall from the sky.

Jon Redfern, associated with Janssen Kool Honda at West B and 8th is one of several paintless dent repair businesses that came to town to deal with the damage, and offered tips for dealing with your repairs.

You can check with your own dealership for help, but the advice applies to repairing any car or home:

If your automobile or truck was damaged by the hail the following steps will get you along the way of getting your vehicle back to normal:

1.Call your insurance company and report the damage, even if you think the damage is not that severe. A hail claim reported on your insurance policy is a comprehensive claim, which means it was an "Act of God" and will not affect your monthly premiums directly.
2.Discuss your repair options with your insurance company. When it comes to hail repair there are two options, depending on the severity of the damage. Paintless dent repair or conventional bodywork involving replacement of panels and paint work.
3.Choose a reputable repair facility. Make sure there is a warranty for repairs completed on your vehicle.
4.Your insurance company will either write an estimate of repairs for you or ask you to get an estimate from your repair facility. Once that is done the insurer will either write you a check for the cost of repairs minus your deductible or pay the repair facility directly.
5.Be sure to inspect your vehicle once repairs are complete to insure repairs are done to your satisfaction.

If your home or business was affected by the hail, the process is basically the same as auto. Contact your insurance company and they will set up an appointment to inspect your damage. You need to choose a reputable repair company and your insurer will pay for the repairs based on the estimate minus your deductible.

You can always discuss with your insurance agent any questions you might have about the claims process as well.

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