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Congrats, McCook!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear Editor,

As one of 30 graduates from McCook Junior College in 1947, I have been very pleased to witness the addition of many buildings to the site, as in a recent Gazette story featured the addition of a new event center complete with an artistic conception of the new building.

The total cost ($7,650,000) of the project was aided by a fund drive which raised 4.3 million dollars to help with construction -- the largest ever raised in McCook's history. Congratulations!

There were two buildings when I enrolled in the fall of 1942 -- McMillen Hall (donated) and the gym (built with federal money) which housed the physical education program, business education, theater arts, and biology.

McCook was one of four junior colleges at that time -- Norfolk, Scottsbluff and Fairbury were the others.

We now have six districts in Nebraska with enrollments of thousands of students -- traditional and non-traditional.

My preparation to become an educator resulted in a thirty-nine-year career as a teacher, building principal and 27 years in the central office as assistant superintendent in Grand Island. Many professionals in every walk of life began their preparationn in your college.

Congratulations, McCook, for making all of this possible. You can be proud of your efforts!


Gerald Bryant,

retired Assistant


Grand Island Public Schools

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