Letter to the Editor

Kangaroo fence?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear Editor,

The cost for a wildlife fence for the airport reaches over $1.7 million. I think that's a little over-priced. What kind of fence should have to cost 1.7 million dollars?

I have never seen an animal that could jump over 12 feet, besides maybe a kangaroo. To top it off, they're putting barbwire on the top, how is that going to serve a purpose?

If they are really worried about animals, they need to put in consideration the animals that can fly. You can't just put the airport in a bubble. There surely has to be an alternative to help reduce the cost, such as a shorter fence, or more cost-efficient material.

Is the airport even thatbeneficial to have to build a wildlife fence just so it can have more than 10 passengers a day? I would think that there could be more important things within the community that the money could be used for.

As citizens, since people pay taxes into McCook, are we going to end up helping pay for this project in some way?


Steven Sander

Hutchinson, Kansas

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