Roadway cleanup practical way to celebrate Earth Day

Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day can be a divisive political issue, but there are a few things all of us should be able to agree on.

One of them is the right not to see trash along the highways as we are driving to grandma's house for Easter dinner.

Thankfully, roadsides are relatively clean in Southwest Nebraska, but that's not by accident. For one, we like to think that area residents are responsible enough citizens not to throw trash out their windows.

But credit also needs to go to Adopt-a-Highway volunteers who take part in events like the 2011 Great Nebraska Trash-Off, set for April 30-May 14.

According to Denise Wallman, coordinator of the event for the Nebraska Department of Roads Operations Division, about 3,500 volunteers are hoping for good weather in order to attack their adopted section of highway.

These volunteers from local organizations and civic groups spend countless hours cleaning up litter that is carelessly tossed out of vehicle windows or purposely dumped along the highway.

The program is in its 21st year.

Perhaps you or your organization would like to get involved in this worthy program.

If so, contact Wallman at (402) 479-4843 or visit www.nebraskatransportation.org/operations/maintenance/adopt.htm

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