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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dear Editor,

I must compliment Bruse Desautels of Stratton on his letter in this column on March 8. It was intelligent and eloquent, by far the finest I have ready anywhere in this paper over the 11 years I have been a subscriber.

It made me think of Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer and reminded me of William F. Buckley, who in the 1960s, with a genius IQ and mastery of the English language, shredded debate opponents every week for years on PBS.

Mr. Desautels' insightful commentary on actions of the City of McCook was probably beyond comprehension of those he was critical of. (I admit I had to consult the dictionary on a couple of his words.)

If this gentleman is a reflection of the SW Nebraska Tea Party, sign me up.

'Nuff said,

Bill Frasier,

McCook, Nebraska

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    Mr. Frasier,

    Thank you for those kind remarks. I would be blessed were I but half the intellect of Mr. W.F. Buckley (May he Rest in peace).

    You are welcome to join our band of patriots. Please contact Mrs. Jerie Quinty, of McCook, to receive e-mails. We are working on various pieces of legislation, introduced in the Nebraska Unicameral. (How is it that so few individuals have the capacity to wreak such havoc?)

    TEA Party Patriots of SW Nebraska networks with several national organizations, on a variety of subjects; and, we also combine our efforts with the many patriot groups now active in Nebraska (the "establishment" has absolutely no clue of what they are facing).

    The national TEA Party Caucus will convene in Kansas City, KS, from Sept 28 to Oct 2, 2011, so to choose those candidates we shall deem worthy of our support in the 2012 election cycle for President and V.P. The political world is changing, and 'We the People' are girding our loins to do battle. Lon Support the Constitution, and God Save the Republic!


    -- Posted by Bruce Desautels on Fri, Mar 18, 2011, at 6:21 PM
  • Mr. Bill

    I have consulted my Webster's, have not been able to find "nuff" in it.

    Yes, Mr. Desatels does have the "gift", and he does have the right to voice his opinions on everything,that is his right. I just feel if a person is not a citizen of our city, and does not pay McCook property taxes, perhaps he should keep his nose out of McCook business.

    It's sad Mr. Bill that you are still sore about the vote for the new facility. Perhaps you should try to get over it, or maybe move to Stratton!

    Enough said.

    -- Posted by goarmy67 on Mon, Mar 21, 2011, at 7:43 PM
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    McCook is part of Nebraska, and Nebraska is presently realizing a near $1 BILLION budget shortfall. In response to that reality the Unicameral passed legislation to remove a few of the leaches that have sucked the state treasury to deprivation. The municipal money addicts shall no longer be guaranteed their annual "fix" of taxpayer "dope"--and so, in desperation, local governments now labor to discover innovative methods by which to separate the taxpayer from his earnings. We serfs must be made to understand that preventing our self-proclaimed benevolent "managers" from gorging their nefarious fiscal gullets is **** near treasonous. Remember the most important commandment: Thou shall not question the bureaucracy!

    Municipal chicanery--including concealed investment accounts, quid-pro-quo projects, conflicts of interest, arrogant disregard for transparency, and contempt for responsible fiscal policy--are each a breach of the public trust. These "problems" are demonstrated in varying degree by the McCook City Council. Collectively they have secured a cadre of political enablers from the ranks of the local, and not so local, "Good Old Boy" network, thus erecting a formidable bulwark against public sector reforms. This is not unique to McCook--or to Nebraska, and that is really the point of this discourse. This is the same perfidious attitude and malevolent methodology by which state-level scoundrels, such as Senator Steve Lathrop, who presently dishonors the Business and Labor Committee, use to affect their will upon the citizens of Nebraska. This is the same treacherous sort of skulduggery that U.S. Senator Ben Nelson furthered in his now infamous "Corn-husker Kickback."

    These insufferable fiscal misfits will never self cure, and thus the duty comes through necessity that the medicine must be administered by whatever means the responsible citizenry may think appropriate. After all, it is our lives and livelihoods that these errant public "servants" are jeopardizing. So if "advancing the ball down the field" requires that the adults body-slam the unpleasant fiscal truths upon the obstinate skulls of the indifferent and apathetic, then so be it--I will not apologize. Perhaps such boldness from your neighbors will become more a rarity when the minds of McCook's socialites become less fixated on athletic prowess, and more attuned to securing good government for their posterity... Until then, your business is my business--and not without justifiable cause.

    The central issue is the vice demonstrated by our elected employees, who think themselves superior to their employers--the taxpayer. Unfortunately, few within this region appear to hold even a shadow of concern for civic affairs. That sad commentary is demonstrated by a near total lack of civic participation. We, who believe that good government is less government, are working to change this attention deficit--notwithstanding the self-serving subterfuge of political hyenas, and the pc pabulum printed daily by their sycophant apologists in the press.

    Too many of those occupying a position in municipal government think they may spend frivolously and without limit the hard-earned wages of Nebraska's middle class. Too many act as though the taxpayer were the guarantor to a bottomless pit of personal wealth. Too many in elected office behave as if the population of Nebraska were made up of Warren Buffet clones. And too many of our public servants seem incapable of hearing, respecting or even learning the word "no." This explains the increasing impudence of the "public sector class." Our employees take great umbrage whenever we taxpayers make but the slightest inquiry of their spending habits, or worse if we dare suggest action that may threaten to curtail some politico's pet project. Our "servants" seem self-convinced that what is ours is manifestly and eternally theirs--without exception or practical limit. How dare we of the unenlightened masses ever question bureaucratic brilliance! This attitude appears a communicable disease, spread by government association: from Washington to the states, and on down to the local governments. We are a nation awash in public-sector incompetence, political cowardice and institutional corruption.

    Here is the crux of the argument, Wonder70: The maladies--and their effects--do not stop at the borders of McCook! Since McCook is in the local "back-yard" (as measured in "Nebraska miles") then its problems become the business of all individuals connected with that city's success or failings. Since the family income of this Stratton household is dependent upon and affected by the fiscal policies enacted by the City of McCook, then it follows that we have "skin in the game." Moreover, as an AMERICAN CITIZEN, it is proper to participate in the affairs of government at all levels and in all places; for reason that the deleterious effects of public-sector mismanagement harm all Americans, and thus such acts are the proper concern of all Americans.

    Public sector spending that traverses beyond the means of the tax base is not a "Red Willow County" issue, exclusive to the residents of McCook. What negatively impacts McCook, if left unchecked, will eventually find its way beyond that city's borders, and impact surrounding communities. McCook is not an island. Pointedly, had but a small percentage of McCook's citizens regularly and enthusiastically exercised their civic responsibility, and participated in their local government, beyond the mere ballot franchise, then perhaps those of my persuasion would not see the necessity to speak out about your gross deficiencies. Someone must take up your slack. We are the "Watchmen on the wall."

    You see, Wondering70, the proof is not in the talking, but rather in the doing--and it is very apparent from the growing trend in McCook's bloated spending, that you and your compatriots are not doing much to reign in bad government. In fact, experience proves that most of McCook's residents could not care less about the workings of their government--and particularly so when the case is that a football game or the opening day of pheasant season is about to commence.

    So, get a clue, my dear fellow... I am not going anywhere. Best get used to my opinions.

    -- Posted by Bruce Desautels on Wed, Mar 23, 2011, at 12:37 AM
  • Brucey, you do have the gift of words, way too many of them sometimes.

    Yes, McCook is indeed part of Nebraska, but until you are a taxpaying citizen of MCCOOK, it is my opinion that you have little to say about what McCook does.

    Oh dear fellow, I do have a clue, you can continue to list you opinions, but I do not have to agree with you or your teabagger buddies.

    For all too long the powers to be in McCook would not spend a dime on maintaining what we have/had, now we are paying for it.

    Just like I have numerous times told Mr. Bill,you should run for City Council. You should move to McCook, become a citizen of McCook and run for the city council, but perhaps you are like him, a whole lot of blow, but no show.

    -- Posted by goarmy67 on Wed, Mar 23, 2011, at 1:23 PM
  • let me sum up bruce's post,

    I dont live in mccook and have no intention to move there but im going to tell you what you should do.

    -- Posted by president obama on Wed, Mar 23, 2011, at 5:31 PM
  • Wondering/bigdawg you are out of your league. You have no comprehension of what Bruce is talking about and your unintelligent responses demonstrate that.

    -- Posted by remington81 on Thu, Mar 24, 2011, at 9:21 AM
  • the city and county need to trim spending . the population of both is decreasing - the governments of both are not. fewer taxpayers - more expenses. more debt and higher taxes and property taxes. this will cause the area to be undesirable to any potential newcomer. there are lots dieing cities in southeast nebraska . they have this very problem. there's a desperation about it all that is not attractive. the cities - like mccook - are too liberal on spending . no real self discipline. no concern for the future.

    -- Posted by bob s on Thu, Mar 24, 2011, at 12:07 PM
  • "unintelligent responce" hahahaha, you make me laugh and for that I thank you.

    -- Posted by president obama on Thu, Mar 24, 2011, at 12:23 PM
  • Multiple sources of various professionals have indictated that McCook has one of the lowest property tax rates of all the First Class cities in the State. Studies show McCook spends less than the average on the citizens of McCook than other like sized communities. Regardless of the facts some will still say the facts are not true and created by "political enablers" and "Good Old Boys". Painting those elected by the citizens as not trustworthy is an opinion a select few hold. However, that opinion has not been proven by facts.

    -- Posted by dennis on Sun, Mar 27, 2011, at 7:28 PM
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