Letter to the Editor

Proud of benefit event

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dear Editor,

By Christ's stripes we are healed, and because of a young warrior's wounds, we came together.

We saw our friends and neighbors take the stage to help one of our best who took a uniform so that we might be free. They may not make it on the Grand Ol Opry or American Idol, but they did it anyway. That speaks volumes about our self-reliance and our willingness to share our talents as God would want us to do for the common good.

Judging from the overwhelming response to this challenge, it is evident that our patriotism abounds and that we love our country, right or wrong. Can you attend such a thing and not be proud? I think we all healed a little bit.

Many places in the USA are troubled and at risk, but we in Southwest Nebraska are going to make it because we will help each other weather the storm.

Janine Hall,


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