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Above and beyond

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dear Editor,

In the Thursday issue of the McCook Gazette dated 16 of December of 2010, I was very pleased to read the article titled "Father time, catches up to one CASA volunteer." This, of course, is Marv Colson.

I was very pleased to read this article and this brought back some very good memories. In 1999 I was divorced and had custody of all five of my boys, and being a single working dad, this was a very big responsibility and a challenge as well.

There were some issues, which I would rather not discuss at this point, and this involved being in court. Marv Colson took a walk one day, came to my doorstep and knocked on my door and when I opened the door and I saw Marv for the first time this just brought tears to my eyes knowing he was going to be there in court to support my boys down a promising path.

As a CASA worker, Marv went beyond the call of duty being a volunteer and on his own time went to the school, visited with the boys' teachers and principal and he did what ever he could do to help my boys from "falling through the cracks" in the court system.

I had one boy (who will remain nameless) who was what I call a challenge to raise. Marv was a part of his life to help him to go in the right direction.

Today this boy has served eight years in the Marine Corps and also served in the Iraq War two different times, and is now married and has two boys of his own and is a hard working father like I was.

So as you see, having Marv in our lives came out with very good results, so in other words what goes around comes around.

Thank You

Kevin Dunn,



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