Special time of the year on the gridiron

Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's a special time of the year in the Golden Plains, a new season for high school football teams that find themselves in the playoffs.

The helmet-to-helmet controversy in the professional and college sports is of even more concern in the high school ranks, with still-growing players especially vulnerable to hits by opposing players astonishingly large and strong for their age.

Yes, everything that can possibly done to make football safer should be done -- it is the quality of modern headgear that has made the current helmet-hitting debate possible. And players should never be returned to the field too quickly if there is any question of a head injury.

But let's not let lawyers deprive us of a great American sport, that challenges young growing athletes to do their best -- and rewards the most successful of them accordingly.

Good luck to area teams as they go into the opening rounds of the football playoffs. Play hard, play fair and, above all, have fun. In the end, after all, it really is only a game.

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