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Miniature sculptures available

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dear Editor,

As readers are aware, the George Norris Home was sponsored by the George Norris Foundation several years ago.

The supplement funding, miniature sculptures were sold to the public for $125 each. At that time, the Tennessee Valley Authority folks in Alabama ordered 20 of the "little Georges" to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the TVA.

Recently, Mr. Bob Harris was back in town for the alumni reunion and brought 10 of the replicas back with him for the Norris Foundation.

The TVA folks figure that we might need a fund raiser for landscaping, signage, etc.

Those of you who missed out the first time and still want to have one, can still buy one at the Norris House during regular hours.

There are eight of them left. They also will be available at the George Norris Foundation prayer breakfast on Thursday morning during Heritage Days.

Mr. Bob Harris will be the speaker and I'm sure he will enlighten us on the work of the TVA. We will have a good breakfast, good entertainment and good conversation.

Hope to see you there.

Duane Tappe,

for the Norris Foundation

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