Letter to the Editor

Two cents worth

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dear Editor,

Hillary C. has promised Pakistan, I think $48 billion! Why? They do not like us, but they can use the money, I guess, to build weapons to use against us!

I'm so glad the president and family had a nice vacation in Maine; I'm sure our troops would like a nice vacation with their loved ones!

I just think they all need to be home soon and let the Arab countries fight their own. They've done it for years without our help.

If the two Bushes had kept out of it, we would not be in the mess today.

I agree with most people, (and) will not vote for the new fire-police stations. Those of us on Social Security cannot get any raises -- (this will) be the second year. How are we going to afford all that added expense?

Our streets that are being repaired is money well spent, and the cemetaries are looking nice. Mr. Doak and crew have worked hard.

Well, just had to put in my two cents worth; been a while.

Olivia Bruntz,


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