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Keep dollars here

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Editor,

As I read about the Keystone project in the April 14 issue of the paper, to my surprise I discovered that the article stated EAD Constructors of Omaha is the main contractor at the Keystone, with several sub-contractors hired for additional work.

What is going on here? As I commented before, we should be keeping our dollar here. This really upset me ... as I stated before on the Hillcrest issue, this puts another dent in the economy of not only McCook, but some of the area small towns.

I do not see a economy turn-around for this area when we send our business to Omaha. There are people standing in line for jobs and they cannot get one when a construction company from Omaha brings in their employees to do a project which is supported by McCook.

This picture does not look good for the future of McCook and the surrounding towns, just what are we supposed to do? Before you know it people will be moving to Omaha, because that is were the jobs are. This is a sad situation.

So at this point there is not much we can do.

Thank you,

Kevin Dunn,


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