Letter to the Editor

Time to clean house

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dear Editor,

Mr. Thayer, I found your recent letter answering Evelyn Richards letter to be more alarming than interesting.

She certainly doesn't have hatred in her heart as you suggested. She is terribly concerned about what is happening in our country as we all should be. And oh, yes, I forgot, she is a Christian. Oh, one more thing, she is a registered Democrat. Probably not for long, as she is going to change her party affiliation, and that's not an April Fool's joke.

Our president has surrounded himself with radicals, not just now but all of his life. If you don't believe that read his book.

Mrs. Richards grew up when Adolph Hitler was taking over Germany. How did he do this? He was a great orator, surrounded himself with fascists and founded the SS. Sound familiar with what's happening in the white house?

Sure does to me.

I feel President Obama and his Czars and all of the people that surround him are all Socialists, Marxists and idiots. They care nothing about the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. The health care bill that was recently passed by the House and Senate will bankrupt our nation. Well, it will help anyway. We already are bankrupt. All you liberal people want are more entitlements.

I imagine you are in favor of spreading the wealth also.

Rush Limbaugh is correct. We've got to get them and the way to do it is vote 'em all out. Readers, please make your choices carefully and vote.

We need to clean out the House and Senate.

Larry Richards


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