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Hope they reconsider

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dear Editor,

I read Monday's Gazette regarding Hillcrest and the pharmacy issue with great interest. I found it interesting to note that Hillcrest alleges that the local pharmacies have had 50 deficiencies in three months including "late deliveries."

Perhaps it would be interesting to know the true nature of those allegations. I wonder why Hillcrest feels that if they go with an Omaha supplier that all these deliveries will now suddenly arrive on time?

I wonder if anyone has noticed that the same Hillcrest that is all too anxious to go to Omaha to do business is the same Hillcrest that established the Hillcrest Foundation to solicit contributions from the McCook business community?

We all know that there is more than one pharmacy in McCook. Is Hillcrest alleging that they are all deficient, or are they painting them all with the same brush so they can have an excuse to go to Omaha to do business? I wonder if I have a loved one in Hillcrest, do I have the option as to get his or her prescriptions, or am I forced to accept the out-of-town vendor?

When Hillcrest Board Member Randy Dean said "maybe we jumped a little too quickly," he is absolutely right. I hope that Hillcrest will reconsider (not just postpone) their decision to dump the local business and take "their" business out of town


Lee Janssen


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