Closing road makes sense for Kelley Park

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It will be an inconvenience for those of us used to cutting through the park on our way to northern McCook or to the southeast part of town, but closing the road through Kelley Park is a good idea.

The City Council plans to vote on the issue at its next meeting.

For some perspective, Bolles Canyon Road was closed as part of Phase II of the walking trail project, and most of us have had little trouble adapting to the change.

The road the council is thinking about closing is already crowded by the new walking trail and exercise equipment. Throw in a busy sledding day, or a sunny disc-golf day and passing cars create a hazard for pedestrians.

The road is also a dangerous short-cut after hours -- when the park is legally closed, anyway -- for speeding drivers, as police officers can testify.

The issue came up because the park road is due for repaving, which will cost about $42,680. The new project, including parking spaces and a turn-around, will actually cost a little more, about $48,686.

But blocking the road will open up more green space to generally enhance the atmosphere of the park.

Yes, closing the park road will make some of us change our routes through the city, but it will also improve safety and make the park more enjoyable. The council should vote to close the road.

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