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Save West Ward

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dear Editor,

I do not understand the city's rush to demolish West Ward. I am sure those providing information massaged the facts in an attempt to justify their position. Try as hard as they could, they could not get away from the fact it will be less expensive to re-hab West Ward than build new.

If the city's engineers can not design around the structural components of West Ward, they need a new engineer.

The new project has not been approved, so why not wait until the voters have spoken? If you tear it down, I can assure you, everyone who wanted to save it, their spouses and relatives will vote against whatever plan you put forth.

After the way the city treated the county on their proposal a few years ago, and realizing if the city deal flies, it pretty much destroys chances for a new jail -- county employees, their spouses and relatives will also vote no!

All the pretty pictures you can generate will not sway voters.

So far we've been fed four different estimates and even questions by council members go un-answered.

None of us deny the need for a new fire station and cop shop, but we also need a jail. (I'm iffy on a new city hall)

Why is there never time to get it right, but there is always time to do it over again?

Do not make the irreversible mistake of tearing down West Ward!


Bill Frasier


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  • Mr. Frasier, if you have any evidence that anyone, "massaged the facts" please provide it. If you know of an engineer that has examined the building (the school, two private individuals and now the city's engineers) and will say it is cheaper to remodel than build new, please provide that data. If you can provide any data that how a needed city public safety center and city offices would reduce the costs of the county building a jail, please provide that information. As the mayor said, "everyone has the right to their own opinion but everyone does not have the right to their own facts." Opinions are one thing but slander and libel are another. And, finally it sure appears the city is not in a big hurry to tear down the building. It has set empty for quite a long time and they even rejected taking it down last night.

    -- Posted by dennis on Tue, Feb 2, 2010, at 3:54 PM
  • It was the city AND the county who told voters that it would redude the costs to construct the public safety center and the jail as one project when this was last put to a vote. I'm sure they still have that data available if you would like to look at it. Hope this helps.

    -- Posted by McCook1 on Tue, Feb 2, 2010, at 5:43 PM
  • Amazing that Bill/Nuffsaid/Historical society on the losing side of McCooks old buildings/WestWard always want to toss McCook youth backwards every chance and now puching a local vote? Frasier's novice engineering costs and past experince were the ones from fantasy land now for all to see according to real cost by real engineers that we all read that in todays paper..... We cant declare all of Mccook old buildings historical and anything else they can dream up to stop progress in McCook? Our local Historical group cost us city taxpayers big when they ask feds for historical designation at West Ward saved for their emotional feelings and they or anyone even Bill could have bought the building for years when it was for sale to anyone but as soon as the city owns it they come out of the woodwork and now its lets get our way attitude started and force the city to do what we want vs whats best. Face the facts the land is the only value with the land/building purchase and the building is done and served its time for us. Its just to bad we cant charge our local historical groups or certain individuals for their bonehead attempt to save westward and now costing us locals 50,000 to 150,00 in demolation costs that federal government money was going to take care of for us.....Thanks for nothing Historical Society/others. You do owe McCook taxpayers big on this one Bill...... Historical Society whats your next target East Ward?? St Catherines Hospital,list goes on forever...

    -- Posted by Cornwhisperer on Tue, Feb 2, 2010, at 9:24 PM
  • What value does that building have????

    According to Dale Cotton, people will come from miles away and spend money in McCook to see it. WHY?

    It's almost like you people have a voice whispering in your head "if you don't tear it down, they will come."

    I don't think anyone is going to come.

    Yes, that building is old. Does old equal interesting, or historic? NO.

    I always have to laugh at people who think that an old item is an antique. Well, only really if someone values it. Sometimes old stuff is just junk.

    We do have some very interesting, old, and historic building in McCook. The old post office, the Keystone Hotel, the Fox Theatre.

    I just fail to see where West Ward falls into the same catagory as these buildings. Even East Ward has an Art Deco style that makes it an interesting building to look at and makes you think about its history. West Ward looks like an old worn out brick building.

    And if someone tells me that is Benny Nelson's boyhood school and that's why we need to save it I say get the dynamite as soon as possible, I can't thinkn of a better reason to blow it up.

    That guy has enough money, if he wants his school saved, he can come buy it and do what he wants with it. This town has spend enough money immortalizing him all over town.

    -- Posted by Justin76 on Wed, Feb 3, 2010, at 8:47 AM
  • I, also, went to West Ward, don't have the money, nor fame, to insist on the buildings salvation. I, like many thousands of children each left seven years of our youth embedded into the rooms, and hallways, and even some of us into the Principals office-ways.

    You folks may well be right, about the building not having any value, being '...an old worn out brick building,' sort of like many of us who frequented the old worn out brick building, for the origination of our academic learning, and direction in life.

    Please remember, folks, every Penney of bail-out funds, or Federal funding received is paid by every citizen in the country. If every citizen paid in ten dollars, and received one hundred dollars of benefit, wouldn't someone soon realize that there is no way to sustain that type system for very long, before a 'lender,' somewhere would own everything, and everyone in the country? (Sort of like what we are seeing happen right now).

    For sentimental reasons, and fiscal responsibility, I side with Bill. Oh, and didn't the voters say no to that new facility being constructed, before all the Stimulus moneys were printed??

    Pray for Sanity, Ponder for direction, act responsibly as dictated by the voters,who just happen to be the real boss, Constitutionally, that is, unless that, also, is old and worn out.

    Arley Steinhour

    -- Posted by Navyblue on Wed, Feb 3, 2010, at 4:23 PM
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