Letter to the Editor

Grateful for help

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dear Editor,

Members of the McCook Humane Society would like to thank the kind people who have given donations to help with the care of the unwanted and neglected pets of the area.

Whether it is a many-times folded and crumpled $5 bill, in a plain envelope, from an anonymous friend or a donation for a specific reason such as Christmas or caring for the rescued dogs from a puppy mill, each and every donation is greatly appreciated.

The recent puppy mill rescue, that was in the newspapers and on television and radio, is only one instance that brings homeless animals to our shelter. Just this Monday 4 little puppies were left in a box on the river road by some "gutless wonder." These kind of thoughtless inhumane acts happen quite frequently.

The ads on TV showing the sad eyed animals in shelters makes people aware of the problem of too many pets and not enough homes. It also reminds pet owners the importance of spaying and neutering to lessen the overflow in the cages and kennels at the shelters.

The McCook Humane Society is fortunate to have a great crew of hard working and caring people working at the shelter seven days a week. Stop in and tell them how much they are appreciated and take a tour of our fine establishment as it is a rare blessing in a town the size of McCook.

Each donation goes directly to keeping the doors open and improving the operation of our shelter. There are no middle men, no highly paid executives and no gold watches given.

Thanks again from the members and employees,

Marilyn Cuellar,


P.S. One of the little female Border Collie mixes that was rescued gave birth to 11 little angels last Friday. Hopefully this is her last litter as God only knows how many others this little critter has had. They will be up for adoption, as she will, as soon as they are weaned. The 2010 McCook Humane Society "Beauties, Beasts and 'Lil Critters" calendars are still for sale at the Animal Shelter, Kugler's office, West 3rd and C St. and from any Humane Society member. All monies go to care for the pets in the shelter.

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