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Motorcycle ministry

Monday, December 21, 2009

Dear Editor,

We'd like to clarify something that was written in the McCook Daily Gazette on the Christmas Light Parade. Sinners Sanctified Motorcycle Ministry was featured while riding their motorcycles in the parade.

Our Chaplain, Steve Bales was dressed as Santa Claus. We had a great time and the kids loved it. However, it was reported in the paper that we were a motorcycle "gang."

We refer to ourselves as a motorcycle ministry, as we are a group of men who ride motorcycles together, a group of brothers if you will.

Our mission is to take the message of Jesus out into the streets, bars and places some churchgoers don't frequent.

We believe that there are people who need help and need to hear that Christians are not perfect, they are forgiven. We believe in our message and we believe our brotherhood gives us the strength and courage to stand up for Christian values.

We started this ministry about year ago and we are open to anyone who shares our mission and rides a motorcycle.

Last summer we were involved in a fundraiser for a local woman who was in need of medical supplies for her serious condition.

In 2010 we are planning several activities for all of our motorcycle brothers and sisters to enjoy while doing some Christian giving.

We welcome anyone who is interested to join our meeting and stay informed of our activities. We are non-denominational and hold meetings and Bible study every second Sunday at 2:30 p.m. at the McCook Congregational Church.

If anyone would like any information about our ministry, please contact Dan Kleckner, president at (308) 737-1478 or Ken Keslin, vice President at (308) 340-4323.

Your humble correspondent,

Justin Harris,



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