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Don't go along with Obama plan

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An open letter to Sen. Ben Nelson:


You know Obama and his proposed health care program is wrong!

As former Scoutmaster of Troop 147 in McCook, and a veteran of World War II, I simply say that if Obama's health care plan is enacted, then everything I and my peers worked and fought for will be lost to our country forever.

Please do not go along with Obama and his health care program!

From one old scout to another,

Milton Lyle Wilcox,


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  • Lord knows nothing will ruin a country faster then getting it's people health care coverage.

    -- Posted by Meshedup on Wed, Nov 11, 2009, at 7:51 PM
  • "Lord knows nothing will ruin a country faster then getting it's people health care coverage"

    You are right Meshedup, if you don't mind losing the freedoms and rights we hold dear in our Constitution.

    I have seen different forms of Socialism around the world, and not one governmental system can hold a candle to the Republican Democracy we have, and can still have, if, we do not knuckle under to the lazy way out, and accept Socialism, or even a small part of it. We have already accepted a small part, I fear, called 'Entitlements,' and if this 1,900 page Medical fiasco becomes the law, we will, in my opinion, have signed the death warrant of our way of life. The USA will be defunct within that 10 years they are telling us it will take to make the whole thing work.

    There is a factor I haven't heard anyone address yet, about the 1.5 Trillion dollar deficit: Once we pass the program into law, without the money's to back the short-fall, we will have to borrow those money's. Once the program is mandatory, through law, then the lending countries can demand an interest rate prohibitive to our ability to pay, or recover. Our 1.5 Trillion estimate may well expand to something more like 4.5 Trillion before the 10 years are up, and will be unplayable, as the GNP will be insufficient to continue. Thus: USA, Bankrupt, and owned by the lending countries.

    You do not stop an alligator from eating your arm by placing your hand in its mouth. This whole program is fraught with excesses and Pork. Look where the 'stimulous' money's went. You can spit into the wind, and claim you saved half a million jobs. Who can prove you didn't?

    I am against passage of the program, all 1,900 pages. (How many paper cuts does it take to kill, someone, or something?) Arley Steinhour

    -- Posted by Navyblue on Wed, Nov 11, 2009, at 9:24 PM
  • yeah, you're right meshedup, let's just buy everyone their cars since we own the car company, and buy everyone their food too since that is a vital need. We could also offer government paid car insurance so we're all covered, that will make us safe drivers too.

    Isn't that right? If I use liberal mentallity, government paid car insureance will make us all safe drivers,no one will ever die a car accident again, just as we need the feds to pay for all these poor, helpless Americans that don't have health coverage...that will make us all healthier right?

    The logic these people are using it rediculous. American's healt care would NOT cost so much if we weren;t so fat and lazy! You can tell me I'm wrong, but we are the fattest country in the world and our kids are becoming fat at an alarming rate.

    100,000 people will die this year from obesity related cancer. you want to tell me that Obamacare is going to fix this? The me more lies Obama, tell me more lies!

    Get fit America...it's you're only way to reduce you later in life health care costs!

    -- Posted by Justin76 on Thu, Nov 12, 2009, at 2:13 PM
  • Anytime the government gets it's hands into any of a person's private dealings, it all goes south. Look at the farm programs. If a farmer wants to get out of it, it will cost him immensley. Once the government is in, you are screwed. If this keeps going, we will have a communist state. Research the way Russia does things. I would really like to stay the way we are. How about you???

    We have too many lawyers pushing malpractice suits and insurance companies are scared to insure anyone anymore. Get real sick and you will get all the bills taken care of except the deductable. Then in about six months, you are dropped from the insurance because of being a high risk. Doesn't really make sense. But, that is big business. Healthcare needs to be cleaned up so all can afford it. And keep the government out of it. They do enough with taxes and the IRS already.

    -- Posted by edbru on Fri, Nov 13, 2009, at 7:16 AM
  • fredd, are you reading the same blog as I am? Where did I say anything about taxes? Can you please elaborate on this?

    I'd like nothing more than to see as little tax as possible and see the "feral" government let the states run themselves for a change.

    We need taxes for pay for basic services within our own states and a federal tax to pay for our great military, but do we really need all the "fluff" and taxes the go with all that bureaucracy? NO!

    I'm getting sick of this arguement over how health care should be dealt out and paid for.

    I don't think that is the question we should be asking or debating. We should be looking into reasons as to why American's healthcare is so costly in the first place.

    Most people do NOT want to hear that they may be called upon to help solve the problem. We are a pill taking society...meaning, if you have something wrong find a pill that will make it better with little effort of your own.

    American's don't want to hear that our soda pop guzzling, fast food eating, video gaming, couch potatoing, beer guzzling, bad dieting way are really to blame for our problems.

    We all want an easy solution to this problem. Having the government pay for this and taking the money from the pockets of the wealthy is not a solution at all.

    At best it will hide the problem for several years and we will continue to be a happy society that someone is taking care of us, then we'll get more unhealthy and fatter by the year.

    One day I fear we will by and large be so unhealthy and out of shape we will be doomed and that's about when the money from the wealthy will run out, just like social security has run out of money.

    I am appaulled and saddened that all the people in this country that believe that this government takeoever is actually a solution! It DOES NOT CHANGE or SOLVE the rising costs problem...it only takes it out of our hands for the time being.

    While the government is paying for this through smoke and mirrors of the federal budget....healthcare will still be rising, and we'll still be unhealthy by the majority.

    Don't trust our future and our health th politicians that are professional posturers and money takers. they will take whatever they can get out of party leaders and lobbiests for their own well being before they think of you the tax payer.

    Get up and get healthy. Get your weight under control. Eat right and exercise. It's a hard road to follow, but doing the right thing is usually harder than doing the wrong thing.

    Real reform will come in the form of tort reform, insurance company overhaul and costs restructuring for hospitals.

    Hospitals are like the government, they don't care what things costs them, they just buy really expensive equiptment and then make us pay for it through ins companies. No longer. they need to beomce more competitive.

    The bets thing that could happen is if part of this reform is banning of employee provided healthcare. Once people have to go shopping for thier own health ins it may become more competitive. This will also go hand in hand with reform that bans them from not accepting you for a pre-existing and dropping you for it. Limit mal-practice, and controled hospital spending.

    These hospitals can no longer act like the "feral" government and spend whatever they want and expect us to pay for it. They need to compete for our business just like the gas station down the street and the grocery store do!@

    -- Posted by Justin76 on Fri, Nov 13, 2009, at 8:13 AM
  • Because Fredd, you don't pay enough in taxes to provide the things they are talking about.

    You can't just get you entire livelihood through the government.

    We are already 12 trillion in debt, that means you've already been getting more than you are putting in.

    Whether or not the money has been spent wisely is another matter. This is why you and I both need to have complete government transparency and we need to get involved with government instead of letting them get away with murder.

    They have obviously racked up 12 tril in debt and you don't think you got enough back for it.

    To say that you get nothing is return is a rash though, I'm sure you get plenty in return. Your kids get an eduation, the roads you drive on don't have tolls, you are free and protected by our military, etc.

    The problem with you demanding universal healthcare is that you don't deserve it and neither do I. We need to be able to take care of ourselves and make our own decisions. What comes next, government cars, government food for 350 million people, government tv, government movies, government religion?

    You are so hell-bent to get something for nothing you're willing to give you life to the government and sell mine to them as well. You see, onve governmne takes a little and gets the thurst for power and money, they won't stop. Pick up a history book sometime and read it.

    -- Posted by Justin76 on Sat, Nov 14, 2009, at 8:49 AM
  • George Bush also provided liberal democrats with the largest increase in social prgrams since Medicare with the presciption drug program.

    Kennedy was only about 50% on target with his estimate of what it would cost the American people. Conservatives knew the cost would balloon.

    Is that what you mean buy getting freebies from the the feds for your tax dollars.

    And yes, I was aware Bush was increasing spending on more band-aid fixes to out of control health care related issues like the prescription drug program.

    It hasn't solved anything and it has cost us 100's of billions more than expected.

    It is you who has everything upside down. You CANNOT GIVE people universal healthcare! Someone must pay for it! Trying to reason with you people is rediculously impossible. There is NO money tree!

    Spending more money on healthcare and making the wealthy pay for it is assinine and it will only make things worse.

    Right now people in general don't take ownership of their health because 70% of Americans have healthcare through work. I never used to either. But now that I'm on my own and pay everything out of pocket and have a $10,000 deductable, I have to take better care of myself than ever. I simply cannot afford to go to the doctor for anything.

    I have intense shoulder pain, but instead of spinning my wheels at the clinic with $10 office visits like some people, I have to find alternative means, like Yoga, strenght training, exercise, and diet.

    America is fat, getting fatter, eating mostly fast food, guzzling beer like its a national requirement, being lazy, smoking, etc. The majority of this country does not have a high priority for their own health and now they are looking to the government to make it all better.

    Why should a guy who has made a lot of money working hard by probably owning a successful business have to pay for a fat, lazy smoker who has heart disease, clogged arteries, type 2 diabetes, etc?

    I'm all for helping my fellow man and having some system or program to help those who really need help.

    I know that having a naitonalizee healthcare systme is going to allow Americans to ease up on their personal health and not care since the feds are paying for it. We're already there.

    If you are so concerned about getting a return on your tax investment I strongly urge to to get involved with your government and demand the spend our money wisely. No more flying around the world to meet a diplomat for coffee. No more family vacations to the Gallopagos Islands for "Global Warming " research. No more presidental back-patting trips to celebrate 5 jobs being created. No more private planes for high ranking scum bags in congress!

    We are letting these people get away with the murder of our money and now we can't afford to ask them for anything if it was something we need.

    You need to get over your Bush derrangement syndrome. Just becasue Bush wasn't a great president doesn't mean Obama, Pelosi, and Reid should take our government hostage for our own good. We need to take care of ourselves.

    I DO know what the problem is and I'm not upside down at all. We need to figure out how to get America healthy and back in shape, eating better, drinking better. Try drinking water instead of pop for a change!

    We will continue to spend more and more money on healthcare no matter who is flipping the bill for it until we solve the REAL problem! These band-aid fixes coming from Washington do nothing but shut people up like you...who want them to fix all your problems with no effort on your part.

    Then they can kick back and pat themsleves on the back for giving you what you wanted and they'll let the next generation worry about the chain reaction they have set off and let the worry about rebuilding a naiton gone under.

    -- Posted by Justin76 on Sat, Nov 14, 2009, at 12:56 PM
  • Dude, you are in the final frontier of ingoramic bliss!

    Jesus was not a liberal, he was an outcast and a rebel. Liberals want to kill babies in the womb...you think Jesus would condone this!? You're wacked out! I'm sure liberals would like to think this, but you should re-examine what liberals are standing for. Jesus also believed marriage was between a man and woman and it was also forever. What do liberals believe? Gay marriage, out of wedlock babies, and divorce.

    Just because you don't like wat I say doesn't mean my priorities our out of wack. My priorities are God, family, and country. Take care of our health, our faith, and promote personal responisinilty and fiscal responsibility.

    Wow, I'm all messed up.

    And worst president ever, man you really really really need to pick up a history book. Just wiki it you want to make it easier on yourself. We have had some doosies and you saying this just proves my point that your arguements are lazy and you obviously suffer from BDS.

    What I'm saying to people is not popular because it is a call for personal responsibilty. People, you incuded, don't want to hear it. All you want to hear is how the government is going to take care of you for your measly tax donation to them.

    I am convinced and I know that the solutions to our problems are not easy and will require much personal sacrifice and great endevour. I don't how else to explain other than your assumption that the government should take of everything for us a let these losers in governement "fix" all of our problems is about the ugliest scenario I could ever imagine.

    For the life of me I can't understand why any one in this country has any faith in government at all. What have they ever fixed????????

    Americans need to take ownership of their health, their families, this country, and stop relying on the feral government for all of this. It will only lead us into bondage.

    Reading the Bible and becoming closer to Jesus has only deepened my belief in our conservative social ideals, not liberal ideals. I can't find liberal ideals in the Bible anywhere.

    -- Posted by Justin76 on Sat, Nov 14, 2009, at 7:08 PM
  • I think the insurance companies have done a masterfull job getting public on their side and most are stupid partnering with the devil. Nobody can argue health insurance industry are a monoply,greedy,overcharge,make their own rules for their bottom line, ect.....So now all we need to do is like Reagan would say ...time to go to the woodshed and straighten out you greedy sob's I am lucky today with spouse coverage/teacher but most of my life all on my own..and anybody who has done that all nows how croupt the whole medical/insurance system is today ....when the same insurance health poicy for teachers as a group is double or triple for self employed family something is terribly wrong in america .....solution is make all premuims the same for all family or ind accross country. regardless / all medical procedures rated/evaluated,payed on scale of actual costs accross the country not blown up BS., your choice if you want insurance or not but those who dont had a choice??? .....that simple...... but doing nothing is a mistake and just what insurance industry wants you to do so they can keep on nailing the customers.....

    -- Posted by Cornwhisperer on Sun, Nov 15, 2009, at 12:13 PM
  • fredd, now you are resorting to lying to argue with me. I NEVER said republicans don't have these issues, I said Jesus was not Liberal and I outlined what ideas are liberal that Jesus would NEVER and DID NOT condone.

    You can read into what you want as you simply want to argue about nonsense because you're hell-bent to get $500 out of the government for every $100 you put in.

    -- Posted by Justin76 on Tue, Nov 17, 2009, at 2:10 PM
  • you just don't get it do you. What do we need healtyh insurance for anyway? Get a flu shot? Get a wart removed? See if that sore throat is allergies or strep? Or have a heart operation?

    Because of the rampant employee provided insurance world and Medicare everyone is using their insurance for things they should pay for from their pocket. Coughs, colds, running nose...it's all driving up costs. People get that stuff ny and large for almost free. That frees up the bank account to go buy cell phones, Blue-rays, new cars, high school kids now drive new cars, pda's, bigger houses, new furniture, go out and eat, buy music online, oh yeah...buy a new iPod every 3 years, digital cameras, new clothes..........

    You probably won't even understand this, but we have become such a consumer society, health ins has become a freeby to most people and they've become addicted to having all this crap. Now they've become fat and unhealthy and insurance has gone up considerably. Now instead of sacrificing all this crap and having "stuff," we want someone else to pay for all this!

    Its a rediculous idea!

    Right now I have ins for my wife and I for $300 a month, $10,000 deductable, no co-pay, no presciption plan. Everything I pay for at the Dr. and dentist, etc is paid 100% from my pocket.

    I'll likely never hit my $10,000 deductable until I'm older and need surgeries of some kind. So why don't I just put $3600 a year into a saving plan, then every 3 years I'll have more than what I need for a deductable and I can pay upfront.

    Also for 2 years after becoming self employed we paid $600 a month and had a similar plan and still had 100% of costs to me come from out of the pocket.

    I wish I had that $15,000 back and in my bank account for a rainy, ill period, tight now I have nothing.

    So why should I buy insurance, I really don't need it. I'm better of keeping my money and saving it, and I'm seriously condsidering it right now. I may become on of these 30 million people by my own choice. Besides, anything that happens above what I can pay for with $25,000 in my emergency savings plan can be paid back to the hospital for whatever I can afford per month without interest.

    Why the hell do I need to throw my money away on worthless insurance?

    The only thing I need insurance for is major accidents or major surgery, and that's mostly what mine is. Unfortunatley, the majority of the country thinks they need the cough, cold, and running nose insurance, then they complain about the cost and now want me to help pay for it.

    No thanks. I'm on my own, maybe you should be too.

    -- Posted by Justin76 on Tue, Nov 17, 2009, at 3:12 PM
  • Are Veteran's Hospitals a bad idea? Since they are run by "the government" should I be afraid that they have put us on the road to socialism and the downfall of our great nation?

    -- Posted by Grandma B on Fri, Nov 20, 2009, at 3:03 PM
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