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Wake up America!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Dear Editor,

When we, as Americans, have something that bothers us, we usually take the opportunity to get it off our chests. We have the freedom to exercise that right called "Free Speech" -- so far!

It scares me, and many other Americans, to observe and tolerate what is going on in Washington with the ideas and actions of our president and the members of the Senate and House of Representatives. How much longer are we going to sit around and let these people ruin our lives and the lives of future generations?

Since the election and inauguration, many people were ecstatic with the prospect of a new president and the many changes he was proposing. Now many of these same people are terribly concerned what is happening to the economy, the unemployment rate, the banking business, the auto industry, the tax proposals and the health care situation. Well, we elected him (them) and we have no one to blame but ourselves. It doesn't look like the president will listen to any of us, because he clearly has an agenda, that left uncorrected, will ruin this country. But our representatives in Washington are supposed to listen to their constituents, and we, as responsible citizens, taxpayers and voters, have a responsibility, duty and obligation to tell them how we feel.

This country became strong and flourished on the concept of capitalism, but, if left unchecked, the president will take all that away, along with many of our inalienable rights. Did we elect a president or have we acquired a dictator? He has appointed 30 or more czars, dealing with whatever seems right at the time. These czars are not accountable to Congress, but to President Obama only, with him setting their salary, which is not made public. Everything he has touched, including those mentioned in the third paragraph, have and will result in a dreadful outcome. It had become apparent during the campaign, and now even more so since the inauguration, that he clearly has a socialist mindset and a comparative agenda.

Many people elected to office, regardless of what it is, which includes the president and Washington officials, take on an attitude that they are not responsible to those who elected them. They become deceitful, carry out the duties of their office in the manner that suits them and become arrogant, egotistical and condescending. With that type of attitude and actions, it is unlikely that they will be reelected. Let's hope it starts with President Obama.

For centuries, scholars, historians and lay people have discussed and debated the subject of the anti-christ. Some said it was Joseph Stalin, Adolph Hitler and other world leaders and dictators. But I give you a new possibility -- Barack Hussein Obama!

Could he actually be the one? Everything fits, from his denying, or making up, his religious background, his refusal to prove his citizenship, his inevitable destruction of the most powerful capitalist country, his ultimate power grab over everything he touches, and all by design. Let's pray that this doesn't happen, and let our elected officials in Washington know how we feel before it is too late!

Harold W. Carlson


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  • Harold, Shalom.

    I have spent most of my life hoping that I would see the end of the Church Age, and escape the Tribulation 'Seven.' I used to use the words, "Isn't it Great," when someone would say that we are about to enter the Tribulation.

    Now that it seems we are, I admit that my favorite phrase is no more my favorite phrase. And, the real suffering has not yet begun.

    We need to contact our representatives in Congress, tell them our desires, watch their votes, and if they are not listening, replace them as soon as legal.

    Our Country cannot sustain the type of deficit spending, we now see, with no end in sight.

    I agree with Mr. Carlson's last paragraph. We are in serious trouble, folks. If we sit on our Constitutionals, much longer, without serious protest, we, as a free country, will not survive.

    Born Again Christians will be gone, and only those 'Left Behind' will endure the consequences.

    In Messiah, please get involved, with Government decisions, and our Messiah, Jesus. Only those who do are the real winners.

    In His Name, Arley Steinhour

    -- Posted by Navyblue on Fri, Jul 24, 2009, at 2:58 PM
  • Harold turn off the AM radio. Step away from the Fox news network. Who was POTUS when the banks were bailed out?

    President Obama is a very bright man that loves this Country that happens to have a different idea of what the government should be doing then you. That does not make him the Anti-Christ.

    We have 65 year olds retiring that have never once in their working years seen the Federal government take in as much as it spent. This is not new to this new administration.

    The Republicans held all 3 houses in Washington for 6 years and never did anything to address the issues on healthcare,or prescription cost. They want us to believe they are the conservatives but sure don't have the record to back that up. Even during the Reagan years they are quick to tell you it was the Democratic Congress that spent all that money conveniently forgetting to add that the Republicans held the Senate for 6 out of those 8 years.

    President Obama will likely be with us for another 7 1/2 years, you might as well un-bunch your panties and relax a little. Life is too short to get so worked up about things that you have no control over.

    -- Posted by Meshedup on Sat, Jul 25, 2009, at 11:11 PM
  • Have you given any thought to what led us to this place in our history? Could it have anything to do with the Repubs having control of the economy for the previous 8 years? As far as power grab goes, sure the Dems may be grabbing some power, but this is not the anti-Christ at work, this is good old fashioned politics... the Repubs did it and now the Dems are doing the same. Funny how it is justified and appropriate when it is your side that is in power and the anti-Christ when it is not. Your opinion started as an opinion should, structure and content was good, however when you compare an American President to the anti-Christ you move from opinion to fanatical and delusional and then we all question your ability to have a subjective thought that is worth reading much less recognizing your words as an opinion. Your writing (not opinion) would be comical, if it wasn't so disturbing.

    -- Posted by commonsense2 on Thu, Jul 30, 2009, at 10:03 PM
  • I woke up a long time ago on health care and how badly it needs to be reformed with a public option.

    My father had good insurance and from all the fancy ads, billboards, television commercials and infomercials I thought he was in the best (hospital) health care system in East Tennessee. Boy was I duped. His care was called "horrifying" by the state of Tennessee, but said it was perfectly within the parameters of what they deem, defend and support as "the acceptable standards of care" in E. TN. He had a nurse playing doctor who was practicing medicine as a physician without a physician's license. The man was showing all the signs and symptoms of internal bleeding and was going into shock yet the nurses prognosis was Sundowners Syndrome. They finally had a nursing instructor who teaches at The University of Tennessee who said the reason my father was going into (shock, was sweating profusely, confused, no urine output, blood pressure dropping 55/35, heart rate increasing 255,blood sugar was topping out around 600), it could have been caused by the room temperature being set too high. It's on record in Greeneville, TN Federal Court. Case no 2:04-cv-375.

    See what is called quality health care in TN and VA. http://www.wisecountyissues.com/?p=62 He rotted to death for ten long months, his legs were amputated. He was begging for a gun, looking back I should have granted him that wish.

    -- Posted by tmullins on Fri, Jul 31, 2009, at 6:55 PM
  • Meshedup, you should pay attention to facts not your own opinions you get from CNN.

    Early in GWB's admin he signed a piece of legislation that was one of the biggest of our time...then. It was the prescription drug plan that TEddy Kennedy wrote and championed.

    The funny thing is that you never mentioned it in your Bush bashing.

    Just because you belittle someone for watching to most popular news network in a free country because the liberal print media doesn't like them, does not mean you can make stuff up and expect everyone to believe you.

    Try again.

    Oh and Obama loves this country?

    I'm not backing the claim that he's the anti-Christ but he attended Pator Wright's cghurch for 20 years and claimed that pastor Wright was his spritiual leader.

    Pastor Wright also says during his church service and I quote, "God FU-- America!" Only after being outted for his conection to this radical black power church did he cut ties publically. Oh yes he soo loves America.

    You are so dillutional if you believe that. The man a pathological liar, a ideolog, using soaring rhetoric to slight of hand job of turning this country into nothing more than a slavery retribution machine to make all the white people pay for something we had no part of or would have been prt of. Not mosty of us anyway.

    You could see his racism on display as he disparaged a PRIVATE citizen for nothing more than arresting a black man that was suspected of beaking into a home.

    Obama has now lowered himself to the likes of Jesse Jackson who will lash out anytime a black person is punished for crimes against whites whether they are guilty or not, like it's our fault they are guilty to begin with.

    racism will never die, and this president will be a catylist in that. As long as white people can't win, they will continue to resent blacks for the afimative action world we now know we are slaves to.

    If we could just go through life and not see color, but see another human being, we'd all be better off. Our president should be able to do that, but sadly, he cannot.

    -- Posted by Justin76 on Sun, Aug 2, 2009, at 1:30 PM
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