Tip line targets underage drinking

Monday, June 22, 2009

Kids will be kids, we used to say. Yes, underage drinking is wrong, but everyone does it, right?

It is right that a lot of underage people do consume alcohol, but that doesn't make it all right to look the other way.

Far too many graduations and prom nights have been transformed from fond memories into times of horrible tragedy by the mistake of drinking and driving.

Too many adults have been negligent in keeping alcohol from minors, or have even broken the law by supplying alcohol to minors.

Now the Nebraska Office of Highway Safety, in cooperation with AAA Nebraska are making it easy to do something about it.

If you suspect a minor is drinking alcohol or trying to buy it, or an adult is hosting an underage party, you can anonymously report it by calling 1 (866) MUST-B-21.

This card, reprinted front and back, is being handed out as a reminder that the tip line is available.

Yes, some of us may hesitate to make the call, but remember this: National highway statistics show alcohol is a factor in nearly a third of all deadly crashes involving 15- to 20-year-olds.

Yes, someone may have to face a judge because of underage drinking or drunk driving, but they should be grateful to you that they are still alive to do so.

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