What do you like about the new Norris Park playground equipment?

Friday, June 19, 2009

City crews barely finished Friday unloading two tons of wood mulch underneath the new playground equipment at Norris Park, before kids swarmed the area. We asked a few kids if they liked the new equipment and what they're favorite part was, and here is what they said.


Jonathan Ellis

I like it better, it's bigger and different.

Kady Havlicek

"It's funner. I'll pretty much be here all the time because I live two blocks away.

Gabe Sehnert

It's better. The old one you got slivers and stuff.

Gavin Klie

I like the slide.

Danica Havlicek


Dylan Harvey

"She noticed right away when the orange rope was down (while the equipment was being installed) and wanted to come here right away.

Jaci Meyers' mother

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