Letter to the Editor

A Memorial Day tribute

Monday, May 25, 2009

I am not an American. Yet I have great regards for the history, culture and tradition of this wonderful country.

This great day is the day of remembering something special about the soldiers, their families along with their loved ones and the sacrifices they continue to make to keep this country nation. The Memorial Day is also about the remembrance of the fallen heroes from all of the past conflicts and wars connected with this country. It is a day to think about the families that will forever grieve for their lost loved ones but also a day to be thankful to those who have served and made the world a safer place not just for us, the ones presently living, but also for our children and future generations.

From the Civil War to Vietnam, from Kuwait to Iraq, the men and women in uniform have protected this great nation throughout the generations for peace and freedom. It is the day that we honor these extraordinary Americans for their service and dedication and let us observe a moment or two of silence, fly a U.S. flag, watch a parade and if we get a chance, let us thank a soldier.

These men and women deserve our ongoing gratitude and prayers for protection.

May God bless the soldiers of this country for their selfless acts, as they stand watch and protect this great country.

Rev. M.Peter Amaladoss

St. Patrick Church


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