Letter to the Editor

Love me, love my dog

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Clem, from the little town of Rock Comfort, Mo., was a renowned coon hunter years ago who took great pride in his blue tick hound, Bell. Clem was impervious to any insult headed his way, deserving as he was of some of them.

But, say a demeaning word, even so slight about old Bell, and you had an angry raazor-back on your hands!

People love their dogs (and cats) and treat them like family, and rightly so. It is a well-known fact there are many benefits derived fromkeeping pets -- security, companionship, health, to list some.

Pet owners should also be considerate of their neighbors' needs. Clean up after them, keep them on a leash in public places and keep them quiet so they do not disturb others.

Everyone has the right of "quiet enjoyment" of their property. But the barking of dogs goes beyond property lines, even though the pets do not.

So -- love me? "I sure do!" I hope you love me too!


A grumpy old man;

Lyle Wilcox,


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