Letter to the Editor

The ballad of 'Old Sparky'

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dear Editor,

In these trying days, I am amazed of the things that make the news,

The federal debt, is one good bet, that the editor will always choose.

The other things the A.P. brings, is sad and scary times.

The best of all, since way last fall is one of the local headlines.

Our friend and fellow volunteer worker, can't be called a shirkers, for he made news across the nation

It must be noted; he is often quoted about his philosophical recommendation

He asked for a chair from the state, and nearly met his fate, but it was just a chair he said,

For the state it has no use, because it is called abuse, to send some errant soul to be dead.

He, that's friend Tappe, was just a little snappy, when an ex-senator said he must be crazy,

To want a chair that could burn your hair, if you need and cause some ones brain to be hazy.

But the tourist would flock, be lined up around the block, just to set in the chair without juice.

And we need the money out here, and there won't be any fear, we would kill the golden goose.

A few dollars now, and like a cash cow, the money would soon fill up our coffers,

So bring on old Sparky, no more malarkey, before the prisoners make better offers.

With the power of the press, it would be my guess; the chair could come this way,

To set by George Norris, the power and the force, who's work helped make the R.E.A.

Now this sounds funny, but it isn't just the money, it has to do with wants,

The need isn't there, and we don't care, if its memory has haunts,

The chair can remind, some one unkind, that killing can be their demise.

We can just plug in the cord, one you can afford, and for them there will be no reprise.

I think, it's safe to say, if an ex-judge had his way, he would have the chair come west,

To bolster the notion, that a powerful and painless potion , can save another courtroom test

It was a terrible thing to do, to just a several few, but it was the law of the land.

We (I mean somebody) could display it with taste, and still it will not be a waste, as a lesson to a misdeed that might be planned.

If you need loco or local news, and I don't have the clues, you can print or not as you like, it's often said, that once it is read, the author should go take a hike.


John Hubert


EDITOR'S NOTE -- Because of space constraints, the Gazette has had a longstanding policy of not printing poetry on the Opinion page. We have made an exception in this case.

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