Letter to the Editor

Final Fossett report

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dear Editor,

I was not sure if you ever got an actual copy of the official [Steve Fossett accident] report from the NTSB. See link below:


Mr. Jim Struhsaker - Sr. NTSB Investigator assigned to the Steve Fossett Incident whom we were working with closely up until the discovery of the crash, called me last week to discuss some final details and forwarded me the above link. This report is now public information, and thought the Gazette readers might be interested. We ended our search one sector northeast (about 30-miles) from the actual crash site and intended to move into the Mammoth, Calif., sector (where the crash was located) in the Spring/Summer of 2009. We are relieved that closure is now made for the sake of Steve Fossett's family and his awesome legacy as a world class navigator, sailor, baloonist, athlete and Boy Scout.

Mike Larson,

via e-mail

EDITOR'S NOTE: Larson and a friend conducted an extension private search for the missing adventurer.

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