Will you plant a garden this year?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A spate of warm weather recently brought people out to Norris Park in droves, who were asked, "Are you growing a garden this year?

Janell Hartzer

Janell Hartzer, Culbertson:

Yes, vegetables, like peppers. I had good luck with red peppers and "Wonder" peppers.

Dolyn Brown

Dolyn Brown, Culbertson:

Yes, a salsa garden, with peppers, jalapenos and lots of Roma tomatoes.

Penny Brown, Culbertson:

I don't grow a garden, I eat what my husband grows.

Rhonda Ream

Rhoda Ream, McCook:

Yes, my husband Merrill has the green thumb and he plants herbs like rosemary, basil, oregano, and we have peppers and tomatoes. We grow two green peppers and two hot peppers,

Janet Fletcher

Janet Fletcher, McCook:

I just grow two tomato plants.

Jim and Deb Hamilton, McCook

Deb and Jim Hamilton, McCook:

(shown with one of their dogs, Chloe) No, we don't plant a garden. We have a yellow lab in the backyard and that takes care of any garden.

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