Ultrasound laws would allow truly informed decisions

Monday, February 9, 2009

With pro-choice forces in power in Washington, Nebraska is among 12 states where pro-life forces have succeeded in introducing proposed legislation to require pregnant women to view ultrasounds, or at least make the ultrasounds available, before undergoing abortions.

A law which was to have gone into effect Nov. 1 in Oklahoma, requiring the woman to view the ultrasound, has been challenged in court, and a similar bill in Wyoming was defeated in a state House committee.

One Nebraska bill would require women to view an ultrasound, while another would simply inform them that an ultrasound is available.

Pro-choice forces are correct in their contention that many ultrasound proponents would prefer to outlaw abortion altogether.

But by opposing any form of ultrasound requirement, pro choice forces are put in the incongruous position of arguing against allowing pregnant women to make a truly informed decision.

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